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2nd place Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest Round 58

I once was a loner
wanting to be alone
I didn't want another
I wanted to stay stoned
Somehow you changed my mind
Made me see the light
Now you're my woman
And we'll make love tonight.
And that's alright.

I've been around the world
A military pass
I've loved a lot of women
I've smoked a lot of grass
I've had to learn the hard way
No green on the other side
It's best to take it easy
Just enjoy the ride
Let me be your guide.

It was the end of another
challenging week, my friend
I felt like I was drowning
I thought it would never end
My car left me stranded
My dog ran away from home
Sometimes I think I'm living
In downtown Twilight Zone
Now my mind is blown.

One day in the future
We shall be as one
Love will be the glue
The workplace will be fun.
But for now, just be happy
With everything you got
More than anything you've known
More than anything you've sought,
And that's a lot.

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