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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2228283
An accountant has a secret.
Adele's Dilemma

Adele finished the entries in her monthly account book and slid it away in the locked center drawer of her desk. She sighed and she stood up.

“I hate to have to keep doing this, but Lois is so sick,” she murmured to herself.

Standing, Adele walked over to a hideous modern art painting on the wall. Lifting it, she removed it from the wall to reveal a safe . Rapidly, she spun the dials in sequence until she could open the door.

Reaching inside, she felt around. A frown formed on her face and stayed there.

“Surely, I put it back yesterday! In fact, I know I did!”

Adele took a penlight from her purse and brought it over. Nothing. The book was gone!

Tamping down her panic, the accountant began to frantically search for it. Just as she was putting things to rights again after failing to find it, a knock sounded on her door. Clearing her throat, Adele bade the knocker come in.

“Oh, Adele, the auditors came early today, before you arrived. They wanted the back-up book. Knowing you keep one in the safe, I got it for them,” her boss said cheerily.

Adele turned cold. Taking a deep breath, she turned to face him. She was done.

Embezzling a little bit from each large account every month and keeping a second book to hide it, had seemed like the only way! She had to save her only child no matter what!

“If the auditors are pleased with what they see, it may mean a very substantial raise for you,” her boss told her.

He smiled at her and turned to leave. At the door, he looked over his shoulder and said:

“By the way, the auditors want to see you before you leave today.

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