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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2228287
A patient out to save her dearest doctor.
“Untie me, Rose.”
“Doctor, you’re avoiding the question.”
“Rose, I mean it. Untie me.”
“We won’t make a breakthrough at this rate, Doctor.”
“Rose, I swear- “
“Why are you here, Doctor?”
“Because you and your merry band of assholes are criminals!”
“I see, I see. Let’s unpack that. What makes you feel like we’re criminals?”
“You set the sanitarium on fire, Rose.”
“Only the left wing.”
“You started a riot!”
“A revolution. Look outside the window. What do you see?”
“…Oh god…Did you give them guns? You gave the patients guns?”
“Yes. No ammunition though. That would be absurd.”
“Wait, then how did you take over the- “
“I instructed everyone to wave their weapons around and look angry. The guards panicked and backed down. The threat was incredibly effective.”
“Because they didn’t want to hurt you!”
“And I appreciate the sentiment. But we digress.”
“No, how did you even sneak weapons- “
“Look at how free they are. That’s all I did really. I gave them freedom. Does that sound criminal to you?”
“Fine. Swing some freedom here then. Untie me.”
“I’d love to. Really, I would. But I’m not sure you’re in your right state of mind.”
“…Is this revenge? Look, I get it. You didn’t like being locked up here.”
“I didn’t mind it, really. I think I brought a certain charm to the environment.”
“…You definitely did.”
“Your lack of sincerity is hurtful, Doctor. In any case, this isn’t some twisted revenge scheme.”
“Then what is it?”
“A crisis of your mental health. Spending this much time surrounded by all this tragedy is disastrous for your well-being.”
“…So, you’re worried about me?”
“From the bottom of my heart.”
“In that case- “
“So, I won’t untie you until we work through your problems.”
“I don’t have any!”
“Did you believe that when I said it?”
“…That’s different.”
“It isn’t. No matter how much I ranted and told you I was sane, you didn’t give up on digging deeper. You didn’t give up on me. I thank you for that. Really, I do.”
“I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you.”
“I have…mixed feelings about that.”
“I won’t give up on you, Doctor. If a hundred burning sanitariums leads you to a breakthrough, then I’m willing to make that sacrifice.”
“A hundred?!”
“Let’s begin with a simple question. Why do you feel the need to save everyone?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Listening to peoples worries. Talking them through their traumas. Taking on everyone’s burdens for no good reason. You seem to think that’s your job.”
“That is literally my job!”
“I see…”
“What are you writing?”
“How do you spell ‘messiah complex’?”
“I-…Okay, what’s it gonna take? What do you need me to say before…Is that gunfire?”
“Ah. It seems like there’s an attempt to take the building back. Rubber bullets probably.”
“Where are you going?”
“My people need me. And you still have an hour left of this session.”
“Just surrender!”
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