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Lina and Taylor find a way to cool off.
There were only so many ninety-degree days Lina could handle without relief. She cursed the air conditioner for failing. Again. She needed something to cool off as they sat in the backyard, awaiting the repairman that afternoon.

The automatic sprinkler came on and Lina stood.

“Where are you doing?” Taylor asked.

Lina cocked her head to the side and smiled. She slipped off her sandals and made a beeline for the sprinkler. Just a few more seconds and she would get a respite. She moved onto the grass as Taylor’s booming laughter trailed behind her.

“If you can’t stand the heat,” he said.

Lina turned and smiled at him. “Then play in the sprinkler like a child.”

She stood in front of the rotating sprinkler head and waited as it spun closer to her. One good spray would be enough to help her cool off, she thought. The icy water caught her mid-chest, soaking her shirt clear through and turning her nipples hard in an instant. A shiver of delight raced down her spine. Yummy. Once wouldn’t be enough. She raised her arms high in the air, tilted her head back, and spun in circles laughing, around and around until the water soaked her tank top and shorts.

“Good lord, woman,” Taylor said.

Lina stopped and turned toward that husky voice. If it was one thing that man knew, it was that calling her woman was an immediate turn on. Being his woman did things to her. Exciting things. Naughty things. Fulfilling things.

Desire ignited like a match to kindling under the intensity of his hungry gaze. Oh, he knew what he was doing all right. Heat rushed through her veins, pooling at the apex of her thighs. Her body tingled. Everywhere. When his dark eyes lit with passion, the kindling turned into a raging wildfire. Lina bit her bottom lip in a flagrant attempt to hide the growing need to pounce. She wanted him. She always wanted him, and those magic hands that played her body like a fine-tuned piano.

Taylor stood. Her heart skipped a beat, the water sprayed across her back and sent another delightful shiver down her spine as he advanced with purpose. There was nothing else like the sight of her sexy man in low slung jeans that hugged every powerful muscle of his thighs. Her heart pounded in rhythm to his every step. In one swift move, he grabbed her hips and pulled her body snug against his, his erection evident as it brushed against her. Lina looked up at him and smiled, wanting nothing more than to have her way with him.

He waited. Taylor knew she wanted him, but he just had to toy with her, knowing it drove her crazy. Lina went up on her toes, inching closer to his mouth, holding onto his forearms for support. He stood his ground, unmoving, his brown eyes dancing embers of desire. If she had any sense, she would punish him for this teasing.

“You just have to toy with me, don’t you?” she said.

Taylor chuckled and lowered his mouth toward hers. He brushed his lips against her mouth. “You know you love it,” he whispered, his warm breath washing over her cheek.

Lina reached down between them and ran her hand over his hard shaft, stroking and squeezing it for effect. Taylor’s sucked in a ragged breath as an eyebrow rose.

“Do I?” It wasn’t a question. It was a challenge.

His mouth came down onto hers, his tongue coaxing her lips apart before sweeping into her mouth. Lina reached around him and clutched the waistband of his pants. Pulling him closer, a fierce need to be one with him intensified. He deepened the kiss, his hands holding her face, his thumb brushing up and down over her cheek. The bold caress of his tongue sent fire rippling through her and bursting on her skin.

Taylor wrenched his mouth from hers, his lips and tongue working their way down to her neck, suckling the crook. Lina moaned, loving the sensations that brought her body to life. One big hand found her nipple, circling and pinching it into an aching peak through the wet T-shirt. His arms encircled her, lifting Lina clear off the grass as he carried her toward the house.

Once inside he set her back on her feet and spun her around. Lina leaned back into his hard frame, absorbing the feel of him against her. She pressed her butt against his arousal, grinding her hips, making him more rigid.

His hands slid down her arms and he walked her toward the back of the couch, bending over.

“Is this how you want it?” he asked.


Taylor chuckled. With deft fingers, he slid the wet T-shirt up and over her torso and over her head. One finger traced down her spine. Slow. Deliberate, down to the elastic band of her shorts. Lina shivered. His mouth went to work then, across her shoulder and down her back. His hand slid up between her legs, slipping beneath the fabric. Two fingers ran over her slit and she moaned, spreading her legs further apart to grant him better access.

Ding dong.

“Damn it,” Lina said.

Taylor sighed before spinning her around. His mouth came down hard on hers. The kiss filled with the promise of what was to come.

“I’ll get the door, you go change.”

Lina slipped down the hallway, her body trembling and aching to finish what they started.

“Damn the luck.”

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