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by vapid
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Tragedy · #2228329
make sure to read essays before making an opinion
Garrisons of child soldiers lining up to march in rhythm,
Dying young while dyeing clothes to wrap the greedy up with linen
Floating down nile, unknown treated as a still born kitten
Cynic is as cynic does for your pockets you would kill them

We’re all forgotten in these clogged up gutters,
If we go stiff, no problem they’ll just get another,
Destroy the facts function we can barely stutter
Cannibal’s consumption, clean basement clutter.

Do you think you’re safe behind your walls?
That nothing will befall you all?
That survival will make sure to call?
a late riser misses signs of the fall.

Watching corporate media day and night
Fallacies supported to make the gladiators fight
Little niche circles, blocked from moving back into the light,
Skin turning purple while weak lungs decide to take flight

Shadowy figures Blowing bubbles for the atrophied eyes
Misconstrued us with fast cars, danger, fire and knives
Assassination of a brand with violence on the rise.
Chasing lies for the feudal lords, consumed the weaker people’s lives

You’re the only one of importance in that little head of yours
And when society pops, it’ll be the disease you caused
It’ll be the seeds that you sew, orchard rotten to the core
Please take your head out and realize they’re splitting open throats of the poor

If your too blind and notice riots don’t put the thought in the bin,
Hugs and kisses don’t seem to help as much nearly as much as pulling the pin,
You kinda people love food no matter what, not bothering to learn where they got the fins,
Human pariahs crawl across the floor like a new deadly sin.
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