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What I had for lunch.
Adding chocolate to a savory dish can be so good if done right in a learning mood I told you. I did rice and beans for lunch( brown rice) and rice can be hard to flavor so I like to just try stuff so I had some dark chocolate( Hershey's) so I put a small piece in the beans and rice to sweeten it because I also put a kind of bitter tomato sauce in the beans and rice so the chocolate helped Chili garlic Tai sauce brought the heat just a little bit a little goes a long way, a few spices and it's time to eat. I let it all simmer together for like 45-1 hour and wow it's so good this will be dinner also. With cooking sometimes you just have to go for it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but you will never know until you try. Yes, there are also times you need to stick to the tried and true but not always. Also, did a s'more with 2 low sugar wafers and a dark chocolate Hershey's bar and some marshmallows? It was really good and less sugar so it was a win, win. What can you cook up in the kitchen, try, and then share?!
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