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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2228363
Doing the right thing.
Keep on scrolling
Just in case he left a message
Only the two of you know

Keep on waiting
For green dot to appear
Only to feel his prescence
Which you long
And long
And long for more

Keeping tabs
Silently wishing, yearning
For any hint that he thought of you
Even just for a second of the day

Waking up at 4 am
Calming throbbing heartbeats
Drying stubborn tears
With eyes shut
Lips closed
Voice muted
You are screaming
As quiet as you can
Dealing with it on your own

You long to call him
To bare your heart
Tell him "I'm not okay",
"My heart aches",
And, "I terribly miss you"
That you truly, honestly, miss him

Fourteen rainy sunsets had passed
You're still stuck in his arms
That night
The first and last
When you let your hearts out
And break them at the same time

You are both at the crossroads
Of that city, of an 'us'
Longing for the green light
Choosing the red light

Hankie, hair ribbon,
Hugs and a forehead kiss
Seals to call it a night
Marks the inevitable goodbye

You keep on playing the playlist
Where you could only meet him
Your words keep on painting pictures
That you don't have, together
Not even a single photo
To cherish and hold on to
Except for memories
That fades with time

"Cannot be" is echoing
Reminding you that staying
Yes, staying
Is not always the right thing to do

Then you'll realize
Doing the right thing is painful
And will not always make you happy
But will always give you peace...

Both of you chose to do the right thing, regardless.
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