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Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker have their epic 5-set Wimbledon rematch in 1990.
It was a hot summer day in 1990, and the two modern era tennis masters from Sweden and Germany, respectively, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, met at the Wimbledon arena to play the Final match in front of a large televised audience! The two tennis masters had met one year earlier, in the 1989 Wimbledon final. when Edberg was first learning to deal with the hot-minded Wimbledon prodigy Boris Becker, a star whose wild and hot-footed playing style established him as a real genius when he was just a young man. That first encounter saw Edberg really learning to find a good string grip on the wildness of Becker with Edberg's own special brand of athletic grace and strategic swiftness.

Despite the fact that Edberg had lost to Becker in three sets in '89 Wimbledon, everyone anticipated a terrific championship in '90 Wimbledon, perhaps because Edberg had continued to hone his sensible focus to contend with the daring and wild Becker. Edberg was ready to be more forward this time, perfecting his strategic style of baseline-and-net play. Becker immediately recognized this year that his prime rival at Wimbledon was ready to offer the audience a real tennis gem. A gem it was developing into to be sure, since the very cool Stefan Edberg quickly and commandingly took a 2-set lead (6-2, 6-2) and shocked the audience who'd partially anticipated a repeat straight-set Becker victory.

Well, after the cool Edberg took the first two sets and now only needed one last set to secure this revenge victory from his straight 3-set loss to the wild Becker in '89 Wimbledon, the usually unpredictable Boris Becker stormed back to take the next two sets from the now unhinged Edberg. We're all tied at 2-2 sets and it's the final set that will finally determine the grand champion of Wimbledon in this awesome rematch which shaped up to be exactly what the fans and writers wanted for the televised big game in the U.K. What a fantastic tennis tourney Wimbledon had become and this '90 Wimbledon rematch of Edberg-Becker would be considered an excellent toast to the glory of modern tennis and cement the shift between the classic era of Bjorn Borg and foreshadow the future fireworks era of Andre Agassi.

So, it was the 5th andfinal set of '90 Wimbledon, and Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker were set to make this last leg a good one. It really cane down to the last legs, as Edberg somehow managed to corral and subdue the wild Boris Becker towards the latter end of the 5th set until he finally broke him and then held his own service game to draw out the elegant championship. Edberg had triumphantly managed to avenge his wild loss to Boris Becker in '89 Wimbledon with this choreographed performance in '90 Wimbledon. The sports writers would consider this championship a real lighthouse for the transition period into modern age tennis intrigue and fireworks, and it would cement Edberg and Becker as arguably the grandest Wimbledon imaginarium rivalry in world history.
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