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by Zhen
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2228381
Some families shouldn't be reunited.
“Let's take a walk,” said Gordon.

They walked through the fields, dodging the cows grazing. Maybe they were on private property, but there was no road and everyone walked this way.

“Tell me the truth about Dad,” said Liz.

“He came onto me,” said Jessica.

“I'll never believe you,” said Gordon.

“Why would I lie? I've never asked for help before,” said Jessica.

“Whoa, we shouldn't be here,” said Gordon, in his bright red sweatshirt.

They had wandered into a bull's pen. The bull was watching them and they all stood there wondering what to do.

“Let's not run,” said Liz, “You're wearing red.”

They walked away from the bull each doing shoulder checks. In a minute, they were gratefully at the gate and pleased the bull hadn't moved toward them.

When they were back in the fields among the cows, Liz said, “I believe you.”

Jessica looked at her as though she didn't believe Liz.

“How do you think the divorce happened?”

Jessica shrugged. “They simply agreed to it?”

“He asked to marry me next,” said Liz. “That was how the divorce was negotiated.”

“Now you're both talking trash and I don't believe either of you,” said Gordon.

“How could you?” asked Jessica.

“I wasn't going to,” said Liz. “He was hurting Mom and someone had to protect her.”

“I'm just glad that marriage is done,” said Gordon.

“Let's go home, I feel sick,” said Jessica.

“I'd rather go to Mom's. I can walk there from here. You guys go back to Dad if that's what you want,” said Liz.

“Dad's the best,” said Gordon.

Jessica stood there, choosing. She turned toward Gordon and walked back to a life of nobody believing her.
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