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by ghost
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just my thoughts
ghost entry 1
hey this is ghost here ill start with a back story on why i choose ghost. there are multiple reasons but the main reason is because i am in the shadows till this day. I go out in the light occasionally because the shadows get too dark for me to see through. I dont know how dark your shadows get but they get sorted out, pulled apart, put together, grow and shrink. Some get worse, some get better but thats all in how you go about your shadow.
You see im the shadow of four people let call the Red,Blue,Green and Pink. so Red is the oldest, Blue is the second oldest, Green is the third oldest and Pink in the forth oldest. then that leaves me the ghost, forgotten about, the last thought at times and no though at all other times. when i was younger i slipped by while taking care of myself and with the help of family but for part of it i would say myself. i wasnt heard much unless i yelledd and i was seen much becuase i stayed to myself. why stay to myself you ask? that show i choose to go about everything if something was happening i wouldnt know too much of whats going on, if there was someone over i wouldnt know, if it was time to do something or go anywhere i wouldnt really know anything untill the last minute or i would " ghost get dressed" or i would know and be ready just for not to happen.
The shadows got dark. they didnt start out that dark. they were light enought for you to not notice them until either something was said, you looked closely oror you just knew me. when they were unnoticible there wasnt much that caused them other then stress from school, or just things not going the a good way but i smiled and kept walking. I didnt have a destination in mind it was where ever my feet lead me. they started getting darker as i grew up. it started with the bullying at school but i had great friends that were always there for me.

thanks for reading

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