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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2228388
Oriental Poetry Contest entry

Down the street, a teenage boy speeds,
He rides a road that leads nowhere.

His mom bleeds a river of tears.


The third line, lost in the first two, either changes the meaning of the poem altogether, its focus, or gives it a surprising twist, in the process creating an entirely new poem altogether.

1. a poem in 3 lines made up of a complete couplet (a ghazal sher, a two-line poem in itself.) followed by a single line.
2 written in lines of equal length.
3. end words are unrhymed. However, in a ghazal sher the main rhyme is found somewhere near the end of L1 and is repeated somewhere in the last half of L2.
4. If the Triveni is written in a series, each Triveni should be related but be able to stand alone. When written in a series, the end word of L2 of the sher is repeated in the refrain, as the end word of L2 in subsequent Trivenis.
5. written with L3 a different perspective of the same theme of L1 & L2.

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