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Mystery solved....
You're the test run of someone's experiment
Aren't you
The creation of some fanatical Aryan geek
His cyborg or android, pretending to be human
Am I right?

Well your inventor is a genius, I must say
You certainly fooled me for awhile
Boy! Is my face red
But certain little nuance's; the essences of human
Were omitted
Finally blowing your cover

See...you can smile
Yet your face is expressionless
Your blank stare
Is a window to nothingness
Your eyes are empty...souless
Did your maker model your eyes
After those of a shark
Eyes that turn black, so black
As your victims blood, red blood
Clouds your view
Eyes that mirror nothing
Reveal nothing

And when your maker wished for
The perfect work-horse
Did he use a blueprint of a machine
He succeeded
You are strong; untiring
Truly the ideal for a superior race
Exhibiting amazing endurance
But your moves are slow; robotic
You show no pleasure in your labor
No pride in the finished result
No passion for what you do
Tiny little details
Yet powerful clues, "We gotta replica here!'

Yes, the good doctor almost pulled off
A great charade
He just chose the wrong originals
To put in the Xerox machine
You are ditto perfection
But missing compassion and sorrow
Intangible human things the Xerox misses
But hey, you fooled me for awhile
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