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1. God, the Father. 2. God, the Son. 3. God, the Holy Spirit.
Now, this is the part that's hard to fathom. God has "always" existed. The Bible says that He has no beginning. No end. He has always existed. Always.

He is made up of three persons. He is Father. He is Son. He is Holy Spirit. Some say Holy 'Ghost". I just prefer 'Spirit'. It makes no difference to God as long as it's said with reverence.

Who knows how many civilizations He's created in all the eons upon eons! We know now that our galaxy is just a speck in all the galaxies that exist!

Our universe could be a tiny speck in all the universes Father has created!
However, the Bible does say Christ was going to give his life for the sins of man from the very beginning!

God knows everything. He knows the middle. He knows the end. Somebody asked me, "If He already knows everything, then why doesn't He just 'fix' it?"

I don't know it all. I know God promises to reveal all to us in eternity. He might reveal 'why' He does things. He might not. I'll just be glad to be there!

God is such a good, loving God, He won't even give you a certain amount of 'chances'! Remember when Mom and-or Dad would say,
"Okay! That's your 'last' chance!" God doesn't do that! The bible does say that even though we know that, we should not push God's patience. Why? Oh, I don't wanna find out!

All I know is God turned His back on His only begotten Son so we humans could spend eternity with Him!

Sure, they knew Jesus would be resurrected from the dead. But he was dead for three days! In those three days he went to Hades and took control of the power of Life and Death from Satan!

A woman on my writing site said that Jesus threw Satan around and beat him up, lol. I don't know about that because in the end, Jesus will defeat 'the evil one and his hordes of demons with the sword from his mouth. That means Jesus will merely speak and the demonic masses with be defeated!
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