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...in all things, God works for the good of those who love him...
With the same beliefs as my father,
I wouldn't be bothered to bend a knee,
Deceiving myself I was free to transgress,
I made a mess out of my young life.

One day I crossed something satanic,
With thick locks and goat's eyes,
It's knife-like claws sank deep into me,
Ate my guts to the edge of my heart.

For six long days, I couldn't eat or sleep,
I felt like a rabbit being stalked by a wolf,
I couldn't keep straight thoughts in my head,
I'd sweat in bed into the dead of night.

On the seventh day, I awoke with a lurch,
An Angel spoke a word and that word was "Church,"
I repented my sins and professed my belief,
And the life-giving waters rushed throughout my soul.

I received a blessing that allowed me to see,
The Glory of God right in front of me,
God gave me a glimpse of the cost of the lost,
And His miracle of life through His only Son.

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