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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2228513
This is it, the last chapter and the epilogue are finally here. Enjoy the end of my story!
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza

Chapter XVII: The Everdagger Bandit

After Cinder and everyone else who survived defeated the X Enders and saved the world from those demons, they all start to walk home, hoping that nothing will stand in their way.
"I hope those X Enders will never, ever come back, especially as ghosts," Cinder said.
"You might be right because if they ever did, they would become eternal and even worse threats to the universe than ever before and that will not be good at all," Hypnomind said. "None of us can imagine what would actually happen if those villains ever come back for their steams that may lead to extinction."
"I'll say!" Cinder agreed. "Whatever we go through we will all make sure that never, ever happens. King Florine should never bring those dark villains to destroy the universe and put an end to life and humanity."
"Yeah, I bet it wood not hurt if we go relax by the lake and enjoy the summer breeze someday, woodn't it?" Hypnomind asked. "At least we should still have a coal in mind about retrieving that super weapon from that bloody thief."
"We get it, you two," Cole said. "You know that there are going to be other threats in this world."
"Yeah, yeah," Cinder said. "It's not like some monster or villain would just appear right in front of us and get in our way."
"Funny you should say that," Aerial gasped when Death enters with the Everdagger in his hands. All the other good guys gasped as well when he entered.
"Yeah, well, you are deeply mistaken," Death said.
Lavia gasped when she saw the Everdagger in Death's hands. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked, referring to the super weapon.
"The Everdagger!" Hypnomind gasped, recognizing the resemblance. "You're the one who stole it from the Realm of Elements Royal Castle!"
"Am I?" Death asked in confusion.
"Yes, and that's the same weapon I saw the night Flameza died!" Lavia said.
"That's preposterous," Death scoffed, refusing to admit that he stole the Everdagger. "You idiots can't be serious about this garbage."
"Just admit it!" Flameza commanded. "You're as guilty of stealing the Everdagger from the castle as you are for using it to kill Flameza that night!"
"Fine! You caught me! I did kill your last hero that night!" Death confessed.
"We should have known all along," Ironair added.
"I knew it!" Lavia exclaimed. "This was one of your deathly plans, wasn't it?"
"Actually, my plan was to kill you, Lavia," Death said, "but it backfired because-"
"-Flameza saved her life?" Cinder finished Death's sentence for him.
"Yes, and it was not supposed to happen like this!" Death answered. "I tried to kill you once, and I can do it again...with this!" He pulls out an axe that is made to immediately kill his victims with one blow.
"Not an instant-kill axe!" Lavia gasped!
"Yes! And this is for your own good!" Death shouted.
"No!" Ironair screamed as he runs over to Lavia to protect her when Death throws the instant-kill axe at her. Everyone else gasped when he made his sacrifice.
"Ironair!" Hypnomind screamed.
"Go on without me, will you?" Ironair asked all of the good guys, and then he dies.
"Curse it!" Death growls. "Why are my evil plans always failing like this?" He grabs the instant-kill axe from Ironair's corpse.
"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?" Hypnomind asked.
"Oh, that's right," Death said as he remembered about the arrow that was shot in his chest. "Somebody shot a blank arrow at me before I tried to slay Lavia after Flameza saved her. Who did this?"
"I did it! I shot that arrow to save her life again," Leafy confessed.
"Well, whoever said that will pay for ruining my plans again," Death said. "Ah, if you say so, Leafy Jungle, you will face the same punishment as well!"
"Don't give in, Leafy!" Kylie exclaimed.
"Kylie, no!" Bob screamed.
Kylie runs over to Leafy to protect him when Death throws the instant-kill axe at him. Everyone else gasped when she made her sacrifice, including Leafy.
"I'm sorry, guys. I can't go on..." Kylie said, and then she dies.
"Alright, that's it!" Death shouted, feeling fed up with his plans failing. "No more spoiling my plans, you hear?" He grabs his axe from Kylie. "You imbeciles leave me no choice but to-"
"That's enough!" Cinder interrupted. "I'm the new hero of the Realm of Elements after Flameza's death, so I'm the one you should be fighting right now!"
"You've lost your mind. I'll only kill you in an instant," Death said.
"I insist," Cinder said firmly.
"Fine! If death is what you want, so be it," Death said.
"You all better get clear!" Cinder called out to all his friends. As they all exit the battle scene, Hypnomind and Lavia drag Ironair and Bob drags Kylie. "Alright, let's settle this!"
"Bring it on," Death said, getting ready to fight.
"Wait, before we begin..." Cinder puts up a flaming barrier around him and Death to prevent his friends from seeing how deadly Death is.
"A barrier, really?" Death said as if he's disappointed.
"No one wants to see how morbid you are, do we?" Cinder asked.
"Whatever. Let's just get on with this already!" Death said.
Cinder and Death draw their weapons and start fighting. However, they fight for so long that they both grew weary and tired. Death started panting when he started to lose his energy in the middle of the fight. "This is taking way too long..." he said. When he stabs Cinder's foot, Cinder screams painfully and stabs through Death's heart even more painfully.
"Dang it, Cinder!" Death started talking before he dies. "I guess I underestimated you. Anyway, take this stupid Everdagger back. I don't even like it, anyway. You have just defeated the most brutal and morbid exiled elemental villain of all time, hero. There is no chance in saving the universe from King Florine, you know that?"
When Death died, Cinder snaps his fingers to take down his barrier. "We both stabbed each other really painfully in different places... Ah, my foot hurts real badly!" He collapses and knew he is going to die.
"Cinder!" Lavia gasped in shock as she reenters the scene with Hypnomind, Aerial, and Leafy.
"Cinder, are you okay?" Hypnomind asked feeling worried about him.
"No," Cinder answered. "Death stabbed my foot and got me pretty good, and I stabbed him back in the heart, which he died first. This pain is unbearable..."
"Oh, no! You poor thing!" Aerial said.
Hypnomind was thinking that they should bring Cinder to the Royal Sisters to have them heal him. "Can't we send you to the Princesses and have them heal you or-"
"It's too late for any of that. I'm already dying..." Cinder interrupts.
"Please don't leave us, Cinder. We need you. You're our new hero," Lavia said, starting to cry in grief.
"Not anymore. There is something I have to tell all of you before I die," Cinder said.
"Well? Spill," Hypnomind said.
"However, this is mostly for you, Lavia," Cinder said, but he's basically talking to everyone. "Whenever you go on extremely perilous missions or face any disastrous or unintended experiences, you have to face your fears and other problems. And don't let them get the best of you or try to hide from them."
"Right, because if you even try to escape your problems, they'll only get worse," Hypnomind added.
Cinder nods his head in agreement. "Even if any of your companions or allies fall or can't move on during a battle, don't ever give up or hesitate."
"I learned that the hard way while I was facing Bayou myself," Leafy added.
"Good for you, Leafy," Aerial said.
"Lastly, always help one another, even if they don't need, want, or even ask for it, especially those who are so stubborn that they think working alone is best," Cinder said.
"Clearly, it's not," Aerial said.
"Always be happy to help," Leafy added.
"I want all of you to be happy and live a better life, even when Flameza and I are not around, especially you, Lavia," Cinder said. "Help make the world a better place."
"I know, Cinder, but please don't leave us!" Lavia cried.
"I'm sorry, but my fight is over," Cinder said as he starts to say his final words to all his friends. "Goodbye, my friends, and don't forget me. Flameza and I will always be with you, all of you..." After he finished encouraging his friends to live a happier and better life without him and Flameza, he dies, and then the Elemental Hero Badge disappears and goes back to the Royal Sisters. As everyone starts to grieve for him, Lavia starts crying. Hypnomind carries Cinder as everyone really starts to head on home.


Now that Cinder and Death, the Everdagger bandit, have both killed each other in battle, Cinder's elemental friends retrieve the super weapon, return home, and bring it back to Princess Arunika for her to put it back to where it truly belongs. Meanwhile, Lavia goes to the Shadow Ghetto Cemetery, finds Flameza's grave, and sings a melancholic orchestral ambient song to herself thinking that there's no hope left within her:

         The apocalypse is over now.
         The X Enders are as good as gone.
         I miss being here at home
         With nothing to do till dawn.

         Cinder was a great hero
         Now that our victory is near.
         But I don't think there's hope left in me,
         So my journey ends here.

         Cinder and Death killed each other in battle,
         And I just simply could not bear it.
         I once used to make bread for my friends,
         But I didn't have enough to share it.

         I don't think there is a point
         For me to live my life anymore.
         My life has been miserable for years,
         So my journey ends here.

         I have had a lot of good friends,
         Someone whom I can count on.
         Somehow, I've never actually had a good life
         Because of all the misery thereon.

         There is no point in living in this life
         With all the bad guys running around
         Because I live under a rock
         And would die being stuck underground.

         My journey ends here,
         But my friends would be shocked if I die.
         I don't care about attempting suicide,
         But I know there's something that no one can deny

         Due to all the bad things in my life,
         I don't want to have them no more.
         I have lost too many friends,
         So tonight, my journey ends here!

"Flameza, you have been a great hero and friend to us all," Lavia said after finishing her song, "even though you missed the X Enders' defeat and your friends retrieving the Everdagger and putting it back to where it truly belongs."
Flameza's spirit appears from his grave. "You are right, my friend," he responded. "It was quite an impression that Cinder has defeated Ignatius and the Everdagger bandit..."
"Unfortunately, Cinder and Death killed other in battle. It was awkward..." Lavia said.
"I know. It hurts to talk about or even know that friends are lost or even dead," Flameza said.
"And worse, seven more of us died in battle with the X Enders, and Death killed two more of us before he and Cinder fought each other to the death."
"Death? That's the thief's name?" Flameza asked.
"Yes," Lavia answered.
"I have never known that until now. But seriously, why did some of our friends die?"
"One, the X Enders commit murder for a living; two, the X Enders hate fair matches; and three, it was a fight to the death."
"I've always hated fighting to the death, especially against my friends. If anyone ever asks or forces me to fight any of my friends to the death, I'd immediately choose not to. I've learned that lesson the hard way and shared it with our friends to make sure they all learn it as well."
"Good to know, but my fight is over," Lavia said as if she's ready to commit suicide.
"What? What are you saying?" Flameza asked.
"I'm saying that although the X Enders are already defeated, I don't want to live under their bondage, so I must rest in peace," Lavia answered. She pulls out a dagger that she stole from Pitch.
"You can't be serious!" Flameza gasped. "Your friends need you! And where did you get that dagger?"
"I grabbed it out of Pitch's inventory as we were escaping his ship," Lavia answered.
"Okay, but you better not commit suicide. This is not the way to hash things out!" Flameza warned her.
"I'm sorry, Flameza, but my journey ends here," Lavia said as she prepares to stab herself with that dagger.
"Lavia, I'm warning you."
"Goodbye, Flameza. Until next time..."
Thunder strikes when Lavia stabs herself in the heart, collapses, and dies.
Flameza was struck with grief to see his best friend die right in front of him, not heeding his warnings. "I warned her not to commit suicide to escape the X Enders' bondage, but she just wouldn't listen to me. No one will be happy about this. I just hope nobody else commits suicide like her. Can things get any worse?" He disappears, and then it starts to rain hard. Hypnomind, Aerial, and Marama, all wearing raincoats or ponchos, enter the cemetery and find Flameza's grave where Lavia died.
"Brr! I hate the rain!" Marama said. "It better not rain any harder tonight."
"It shouldn't, Marama," said Hypnomind. "At least rain is better than..." He gasped when he saw Lavia's corpse on the grass "... death."
"Is that Lavia? What is she doing here?" Aerial asked.
"Did some unsuspecting villain kill her or something?" Marama asked. "It better not!"
"It's worse than that. Lavia committed suicide!" Hypnomind answered.
Aerial and Marama gasped loudly when they heard Hypnomind's answer. "But why would she do that?!" Aerial asked.
"I don't know!" Hypnomind answered. "Whatever it is, we should probably figure it out. We can't just wet for that, can we?"
"I have no idea," Marama answered. "Things can't get any worse!"
Ratchet enters in distress as the night starts raining harder. "Agh, this can't be happening to me!" he screamed.
"Ratchet, what's wrong?" Aerial asked.
"When I returned home, I told my parents that Kilotón is dead, and they were really shocked," Ratchet answered. "And worse, they told me that Illumina died in his bed. This day just keeps getting better!"
As Antimony arrives at the cemetery, thunder strikes. "Oh, the horror! The horror! Why would this happen to me?!" she screamed.
"What's going on?" Hypnomind asked.
"When Dragalei and I walked into my house, we saw Toxtricia lying on the ground dead, and then Dragalei decided to commit suicide and die with her," Antimony answered.
"But why would she do that?" Marama asked.
"I bet Toxtricia, Illumina, and Lavia committed suicide for the same reason," Hypnomind answered for Marama.
Proarmor and Battector arrive at the cemetery. "And so has Aquora, I'm afraid..." Battector added. Everyone else gasped when they responded to him, and then lightning strikes.
"For real?!" Aerial gasped.
"Indeed. Isn't there something wrong with any of you guys?" Proarmor asked.
Ratchet tries to answer Proarmor's question. "Not personally, but-"
"Clearly, there is," Bay interrupted when he arrived at the cemetery. "I was going to check in with Coral, but Marsh, Irving, and Laguna told me that she drank poison in her room along with Petal and Stump."
"And did those two drink poison and die, too?" Ratchet asked, disappointed in Bay for interrupting him.
"Yes," Bay answered.
"Grr... this is madness, I tell you! Madness!" Battector said.
Thunder strikes when Bob and Foster arrive. "Isn't it, though?" Foster asked.
"We know you're all upset that some of our friends are lost, but we can't just give up hope and our lives just because of the X Enders' disastrous future reign, right?" Bob asked.
"Oh please, Bob! You didn't lose Lillie, too, did you?" Ratchet asked Bob and Foster.
"I'm afraid so," Bob stammered.
"Yeah, that happened before we returned home," Foster stammered.
"Maybe this day does just keep getting better as more of us come in and complain about losing friends, especially during a stormy night!" Proarmor said.
Thunder strikes as Leafy arrives at the cemetery in distress. "Someone please help me!" he screamed.
"Et tú, Leafy?" Hypnomind asked.
"Yes!" Leafy answered. "Leafia committed suicide right in front of my face! This pain is unbearable!"
"Leafy, calm down! You need to pull yourself together," Marama said, trying to calm Leafy down but to no avail.
"Not after a situation like this!" Leafy screamed. "This just can't happen to me! This just...can't..." He faints, and Aerial catches him before he falls to the ground.
To make matters worse, all the elementals at the Shadow Ghetto Cemetery start to accuse and argue with each other, except for Hypnomind. "Tell me... which one of you is behind this calamity of suicide to get away from the X Enders for good, huh?" Ratchet interrogates everyone.
"Don't ask me!" Bob said. "Maybe our friends committed suicide before or after we returned home did that themselves. Or maybe they just lost their minds or something."
"I will ask each and every one of you who drove my two best friends to suicide!" Anitmony said.
"Whoa, Antimony! Let's not interrogate us this way," Proarmor said.
"Guys, stop it!" Hypnomind said as he tries to stop everyone from arguing with each other but to no avail. Thunder strikes.
"It's not our faults your two best friends are lost," Battector argued with Antimony. "Why would you pin this on us even though we didn't do anything to you?"
"Oh, please! I would never blame my friends like that," Antimony fights back.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's not get hasty," Bay said. "We all have difficult times in our lives, especially if it means losing friends or family members."
"Well, you're the own who talks, Bay!" Proarmor shouted.
"Everyone shut up!" Hypnomind shouted, but everyone still won't stop fighting.
"Or maybe you, Aerial, or Marama are the ones who are behind this suicide situation or caused Leafy to faint!" Bay shouted.
"I most certainly am not!" Aerial fights back.
"And we would never harm poor Leafy! He's our friend," Marama argued.
"Oh, yeah," Bay said sarcastically. "What could be worse than fainting or killing ourselves to avoid bondage under some of the greatest villains of all time?"
"Arguing with friends and blaming each other for things they didn't even do, that's what!" Antimony answered.
"Can't we all just get along?!" Foster shouted.
"You're not responsible for this mess, are you?" Ratchet accuses Bay. "Well, somebody needs to clean this up before we all go on a rampage!"
"Shut up!" Bay fought back.
"You shut up!" Ratchet shouted.
"ENOUGH!" Netherrack stormed offstage. When he stormed into the cemetery, lightning strikes very loudly and all the good guys screamed and stopped fighting when he entered. Netherball and Frostmancer are obviously with him.
"What was that?" Foster said, shaking in fear.
"You guys are going into some sort of crisis here in the middle of a stormy night," Netherball said.
"It is not a good time or place to get in a fight. It's almost 10:00 p.m.," Frostmancer added.
"And it stops now," Netherrack finished.
"Netherrack?! Not you again," Hypnomind said, glaring at him.
Leafy starts to feel weary when he wakes up from fainting. "Where am I? What happened to me?" he asked.
"You fainted after freaking out that Leafia died," Marama answered.
"Tell me, what do you want and why are you here?" Hypnomind asked Netherrack.
"I came to the Shadow Ghetto Cemetery because Netherball, Frostmancer, and I know about Flameza's death, which none of you guys knew that till now," Netherrack answered.
"And how exactly?" Ratchet asked.
"I was at my house with Netherball and Frostmancer at Nether Islands, and we were watching Flameza getting assassinated by... err..." Netherrack answered but didn't finish his answer.
"...the Everdagger bandit..." Frostmancer helped Netherrack finish his answer.
"...whose name was Death..." Netherball also helped Netherrack finish his answer.
"...from above. We also saw you guys at Flameza's funeral at Cumulus Sanctuary. And yes, we were hiding during the event," Netherrack finished. Lightning strikes and everyone gasped when they responded to him.
"You three were hiding?! You could have ruined the funeral for everyone!" Aerial said.
"But lucky for you, we didn't," Netherball said.
"Good grief!" Marama said.
"But that's not all," Frostmancer said.
"What's worse for all of you is that the X Enders were hiding as well. I could sense them nearby," Netherrack continues. Lightning strikes and everyone gasped when they responded to him as he continued.
"Well, you three and those brutes shouldn't have interfered in the first place!" Hypnomind said.
"We didn't want to ruin the funeral, anyway, you doofus," Netherrack said. "I watched you and your friends defeat the X Enders and Cinder and Death killing each other in battle all the way from my home."
"Tell us, Netherrack, why would Lavia and the other nine elements commit suicide in the first place?" Ratchet asked.
"All I know is that they wanted to free themselves from the X Enders' bondage," Netherrack answered. "Whether they succeed or not, the results will be deathly and disastrous."
"So that's exactly why we were losing more friends after returning home," Proarmor said.
"Oh! I think we get it now," Aerial said as she starts to understand the reason.
"Better safe than sorry, I guess," Antimony said with a sigh of relief.
"Someday, everyone else will learn their lesson before they fall in the same line as well," Bay added.
"Good. We better get going. Later!" Netherrack said as he and his allies start to leave.
"Wait!" Hypnomind stops the bad guys from leaving. "Why were you giving us advice and stopping us from blaming each other about losing our friends? You're not on our side!"
"Right. We visit the Realm of Elements every now and then when we are given free time." Netherball said.
"Hypnomind, go tell your friends to redeem themselves and save their lives!" Netherrack commanded.
"If you insist, I'll do it," Hypnomind said.
"Okay. Netherball, Frostmancer, let's go!" Netherrack said as he, Netherball, and Frostmancer take the portal to Nether Islands.
"Alright, everyone, listen up!" Hypnomind announced after the bad guys leave. "I have very serious announcements to make now that Netherrack and his allies are gone."
"This ought to be good," Ratchet said.
The rain stops before Hypnomind starts his epic monologue. Even if certain challenges are too big and difficult for you guys to comprehend, or if times get too rough, it is no good to save yourselves by committing suicide. There is still hope in our lives, and we will all work through our problems together. We'll always encounter some new challenges and unexpected difficulties whenever we go places or whatever. No matter what problems we have or experience, we will always work them out together, as long as we figure out what they are first. It's no use changing things back to how they were before, which means it's time to move on with life. I'm not saying any of this to haunt you or make you fall in the same line as the others who died, I want all of you to live a happier and better life as Psygene wanted for me and what Flameza did for all of us, including Lavia. Finally, we must mourn for our friends who died in battle with the X Enders, for those who were assassinated by Death, and mostly for those who committed suicide! What do you say? Are we going to live better lives and work together to solve anything or surrender our lives and not take any chances on saving the world?"
"We all shall live better lives, all of us," Bay answered.
"Whelp! I have no other choice than to give up life, so let's live a better life," Aerial said.
"Same way with me," Ratchet agreed.
"Better safe than sorry, I guess," Antimony added.
"We're all with you, Hypnomind. What an epic monologue," said Bob.
"We won't forget this, Hypnomind. You have saved us all," said Proarmor.
"Excellent!" said Hypnomind. "Good thing is we all have each other. Hold on, we can't forget to tell the princesses about the X Enders' defeat, Death's defeat, and the suicide calamity, can we?"
"Huh?" Aerial said as if she's confused.
"That's right! Don't forget to tell them that you saved us once again, Hypnomind," said Ratchet.
"Wouldn't Arunika be proud of us for our efforts of saving the world from some of the greatest villains of all time?" Antimony asked.
"You bet!" Bay answered.
"Saving the world never gets old," said Bob.
"Tell me about it," Foster agreed. "I need to get a spa day sometime soon."
Everyone leaves the cemetery with Ratchet and Antimony carrying Lavia except Hypnomind and Aerial.
"Aerial, I have been thinking of something," Hypnomind said.
"Yes?" Aerial asked.
"You know how Flameza saved us from a couple a villains and monsters that were trying to tear Elemental City apart and that Cinder defeated the leader of the X Enders and the Everdagger?" Hypnomind asked.
"Yes," Aerial answered. "Making sacrifices is what heroes sometimes do to save others and/or let them continue with their quests. Some heroes survive their sacrifices and some don't. If you had to make a sacrifice for any one of us, don't ever sacrifice your honor and confidence because everyone needs those qualities."
"That's right. Since I saved all of you guys from committing suicide to escape the X Enders' bondage, the Princesses of the Realm of Elements might promote me as the new hero of this world. Isn't that crazy?"
"It probably will be, and it will be weird at first. The Princesses are having you as the new hero of the Realm of Elements? I'm not sure about this."
"Nobody is, but it would be honor to take the new role, wouldn't it?"
"I think so, but we'll have to see what all the others think first."
"Yeah, we should. If any of the villains that we defeated ever come back to life for revenge on us, that will definitely be bad. We don't want any villains to hold s-wave over us and invade the world, do we?"
"Heavens no. If any of the villains that we defeated are gone, then they must stay gone forever."
"Aerial, that may not happen."
"Well, when we defeat certain villains, but they don't die, they might run away to seek revenge next time."
"Okay, I've had enough of that already. Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?"
"Not really. Watery going to do before August comes?"
"We could relax by the lake near Bay's house."
"Well, my sister Rainbow might force me to hang out with the girls at Laguna Beach Island all day until I get tide. You do not want to see what that place looks like or want to meet the ladies who live there. There is snow way you want to see what Rainbow or those other girls does all the time because you will cringe."
"Tell me about it."
"Yeah, she always does her annoying and cringe-worthy shenanigans all the time."
Hypnomind scoffs about Rainbow doing her traditional embarrassing hobbies. "Well, I don't want to see her do that sort of stuff. Not on my life!" he said.
"That's right, Hypnomind," Aerial agreed. "Well, it's time to go home. It's getting late."
"Oh yeah, it's almost 11:00 p.m. I'll see you tomorrow!" Hypnomind said as he returns to his house and goes to bed.
"Good night." Aerial said as she goes home.

The next morning, Hypnomind was called to the Royal Elemental Castle to see Princess Arunika Aerwyna for his efforts to stop all his friends from committing suicide to escape the X Enders' bondage. She also called Ratchet Sagjaiyah, Aerial Ozones, Bay Morrissey, Antimony, and Leafy Jungle to the castle for defeating the X Enders and making it back home safely. All the residents of Elemental City were required to attend the coronation. This event was not just a coronation for the good guys, but it was also a funeral for those who died in battle with the X Enders and those who committed suicide to escape their bondage.
Arunika then honors Hypnomind as the new hero of the Realm of Elements after Cinder's death and gives him the Elemental Hero Badge. Hypnomind then accepts the honors, attaches the badge to his leather blazer, and promises to make the Realm of Elements a better place and put an end to all evil. Ratchet, Aerial, Bay, Antimony, and Leafy were then awarded some gold dragon elemental medallions for defeating the X Enders face-to-face, and they all accepted their rewards.
Lastly, Hypnomind gives out a heroic speech to the kingdom and all his friends and family members that he could not have ended the suicide calamity, defeated the X Enders, and retrieved the Everdagger without the help of his friends. He also adds that there will still be more bad guys and threats in the universe and that they can be stopped as long as he sticks with his friends and fights for them. Next, Hypnomind promises the entire world that there will always be hope and peace in them and that he will eliminate all evil from the universe with his friends. Finally, he states that he cares for all friends, including those who died, and loves his family, including Psygene, who was murdered by the X Enders. The entire crowd stood up and cheered for him after he finished his epic speech and trusted him to make the universe a better place.

The End

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