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Far right nuts use.red herrings
Far right nuts are determined to keep YOU from voting unless its for the right. They are using horrible scare tactics {ie famine, plaque, Auschwitz, etc}} as a desperate last resort to save middle America from ever enjoying the American dream.
I cannot name one Democrat that supports communism, fascism, or bringing back slavery. However, right wing nuts would rather throw out red herrings then talk about the debt, affordable healthcare, and the rule of law. Affordable healthcare is a right in most of the free world not an attempted power grab. To pretend making healthcare affordable for the middle class somehow equates with tyranny is an insult to all of Europe, Canada, and Japan.
The GOP pretends to care about our debt but instead they support tax cuts for the rich that we will pay for in the long run. Once again, red herrings are easy to throw out instead of serious responsible fiscal policy. To say liberalism is designed to make democracies insolvent is reckless and an insult to people's intelligence.
Conservatives try to scare people with healthcare horror stories and at the same time say people would like it too much and couldn't be replaced with a cheaper alternative.
The right wants to avoid spending ANYTHING that can be done privately because rich people pay their bills. On the other hand, the CIA , military, and cops can NEVER be entirely farmed out so get out the printer. Aircraft carriers and service academies cost big bucks. A four year degree from a service academy in some complete crap costs over a quarter million dollars to taxpayers.
Last but not least, right wing nuts believe any attempt to investigate corruption by the far right is a step toward ending freedom. I thought freedom can only exist in a nation with a system of laws and even the far right has to follow the law. {By the way Sen Joe McCarthy, CIA torture camps, and Operation Carnivore are all gifts of the GOP.}.
Time and time again far right nuts throw out trivia about Hitler or Stalin. They know almost nothing about world history. My parents were Hungarian Jewish Holocaust survivors. My mom was in Auschwitz and my dad's parents were murdered there. My parents risked their lives to get out of Hungary before the Soviet Union crushed the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
Having lived under both Stalinism and Nazism they knew of what they experienced and they always stood for democratic socialism. When I visited Hungary in 1974 nobody was trying to escape. People were on the most part happy and Hungary didn't have an international reputation for xenophobia like today.
The far right should be on notice that scaring people will not save them from the voters. President Trump will eventually get indicted and not even the most frightening half truths about Democrats and liberalism will save him.
The prosecutors looking at his taxes and obstruction of justice dont want to hear about how Democrats invented slavery or how Mao starved people. They could care less if some forms of socialism didn't work. The far right won't be able to sell more fish stories.
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