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Dedicated to the angel of my church home.
Let me tell you
about my pastor

to the devil
he's a disaster

but to the Lord
he's who matters

preaches and sings
like a master

he is someone
that’s living right

his holy walk
a guiding light

been married
most of his life

tossing lyrics
sings to his wife

our first lady
his beloved bride

who standing
faithful by his side

their grown children
all in the church

grand kids too
ever since birth

their first born
and only son

is on the case
tapping the drums

groves his guitar
like a mighty quartet star

their first girl
its no mistaken

singing diva
in the making

she serves the Lord
blasting those organ chords

the youngest ,a chip off the pastor
dynamic church multi tasker

she leads praise teamers
a youth guide, coach and teacher

Pastor when he's
preaching glory

tells it straight
the gospel story

so believe my prose
when I say this

just by knowing him
I’ve been truly blessed

and I should add
not on a whim

the world could surely use
more men just like him
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