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Just had to be said
Be in the break that your heart beats for mine
a collision of confession from your sole
that it is true to me in this life and the next
plusing with the energy of ten men
an epic conversation between our third eye
and a complete effect of what one is inside and out
Steps that mimic a tale of what it is to come
An amazing embrace with such enthusiasm
that sounds no longer wage a war for your attention and things in and around you fade into this encapsulated postscript of sign language and tranquil balance
as love reached you seek
your hands sweat with anxiety of things to come
your heart beats with passion I find I cried
as we touched each other
as if to know that coming together was needed
In such away as if to have had a detailed conversation
about the stars and works of fire that appeared to be surrounding your soles in this situation at this time but in the mist of the mind knowing that
in the dawn of morning my heart beats
with twin energy and now you now know it
As you break my heart in hopes your beats again
With the vibration of our energy once more
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