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My life as the only 'Libtard' in my family.
Decided to peruse FB since I hadn't in awhile. i do like to keep up with the nieces and nephews but.. FFS! Political BS everywhere..Anti masker shit all over. I have a huge family and some of them believe the crap-some i was REAL close to and it's SO disheartening..It boggles my mind until I remember they only get their 'news' from Fox and Facebook. The damage Fox has done to our country is criminal. Family members who have never voted in their lives are ready to fight a civil war to defend the draft dodging, disability mocking, pussy grabbing, BFF of Putin, Lovebird of Kim JongUn, hero bashing, orange imbecile presently living in our White House. Their cult like behaviors break my heart and I know millions of others are going through the same as I.One Big problem is:It's not only unpatriotic and sad, it's frightening because they prefer to pull their guns out to get their point across and that leaves zero room for real American debate/democracy.
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