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by Zhen
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2228668
Magic rings transport between eras.
James stole the magic rings, pocketing them, then walked out of the shop, only to bump into Humphrey on the sidewalk.

“Oh, you again,” said Humphrey. “What trouble are you making this time?”

“None,” said James, brushing by. “Taxi!”

James hopped into a yellow cab and gave the address for home. Once home, eager to try the rings, James ran upstairs and locked his door. Then he put on the rings. On the floor in front of him, two magical pools of water appeared. James jumped into one of them and watched a dinosaur chasing a dragonfly. The dinosaur almost caught the dragonfly when a volcano erupted.

“How do I get out of here?” asked James.

Switch the rings.

James saw nobody so decided the voice was the rings themselves. Just then, he saw a dinosaur egg which he impulsively stole, and then he switched the rings.

Back in his room, James didn't know what to do with the dinosaur egg. He ran outside and hopped into a yellow cab.

Which way should we go?” James asked the rings.

To Humphrey.

James had the taxi take him to the university where he found Humphrey in his office. James pocketed the rings then handed Humphrey the egg.

“What have you stolen this time?” asked Humphrey.

“Only the dinosaur egg,” said James.

“You'll have to give the rings back, you know,” said Humphrey.

“What rings?” said James.

“They bring you only to your nightmares,” said Humphrey.
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