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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2228722
Kate and Edward were sking during a sunny day.


The snowy day

It was the 15th of January; Kate and Edward were sliding on the ski slope that was wrapped by a thick snow layer. It was a sunny day but the thermometer displays 2 degrees Celsius below zero.

“Hey, Kate it’s a great holiday day. We have plenty of time. Why won’t we take this long ski slope’s circuit? Edward said looking with fervor to Kate.
“How much time it will take for us to finish the circuit by cross country skiing?” She asked.
“One hour max, I guess,” Albert replied.
“It’s perfect. We will arrive in time to our friends’ home for lunch,” she replied.

“Albert, be careful, please! Don’t forget that you have a brush in your left hip,” Kate said.
“I have forgotten it. I feel as if I have twenty years, my dear,” Edward said sarcastically.
“We are not young even though we both feel good,” Kate responded angrily.

“Be cool! Let’s savor these moments together and forget our pains, please,” Edward responded smiling to his wife.
“Wow! The forest is magical; do you hear these birds’ songs? Look at there, a reindeer is next to the tree,” Kate said excitedly.
“Do you see these squirrels? Look at there an eagle is flying over there?” Edward said.

“Lovely, do you see this immense cumulus nimbus there where the eagle is flying?” Kate said worriedly.
“Don’t worry! The weather forecast has said that we will get sun over the entire day,” Edward said.

Just a moment after, a wind was blowing. The blizzard rumbled indeed.
“Edward, a fog is scrambling the vision. Which way should we go? We should return back quickly,” Kate said nervously.
“Kate, where are you?” Edward asked.
Kate caught his hand energetically when an avalanche transformed the ski slope into a snowy mountain grave.

KHBEY/ 298 words/The snowy day/August/05/2020

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