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The Man Born Blind
Walking and listening to Jesus

The passage begins with the words, “as he passed’.
There have been many ways of raising up and making disciples, most of it because it happened in antiquity is ,“as they walked”, it was from town to town, they met one person after another, Today it is a man born blind from birth.
As they walked and asked questions the answers were like nothing they had ever heard before.
Anyone who is trying to describe an invisible reality has to use a lot of symbols or guide posts to get the followers there. Jesus wasn’t trying to be poetic, he had to be this way,to get his point across.

Today, as they asked questions about why this happened to the blind man, Jesus explanation was surprising.
Many things Jesus said seemed strange to them and sounded unusual.
Disciples: “Master, who sinned, this man or his parents that this happened to him?.” Jesus said, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, this happened that the works of God might be seen today” you see ? rather astounding?

Disciples should be adventurous, and discerning
God made us curious, first and foremost, to find out who we are and what our purpose in life is. Our first reaction to truth, from the master is not always correct, our thinking. shallow, punitive , his perfect, go deeper.
Jesus once told his followers, “My body is real food and my blood real drink,” it is written,, that after this, many who followed him, no longer walked with him. Its not easy to follow jesus, many pack it in.
He once said,” I go ahead of you to prepare a place for you, if it were not so I wouldn’t have told you”, there are two types of “seed” or followers, one say “okay, but...Where? how? when?” The other nods and follows behind, Jesus word being his bond. Which are you?

The masterJesus is gone, but through a personalism in our souls. we all walk together,,.
We are walking the right road.

I had a hard time with this passage and wondered what it was trying to teach me, the others were rather obvious, in the hidden meanings,
Once, Jesus said, “whoever seeks the truth,,,Follows me” (forgive me im paraphrasing), he did so because as Jesus said of his followers they must seek or hold to the truth, we need to do so, no matter what !
It’s Gods will that you continue, not that you give up. I have many times, Im hoping you are more faithfull and can see further than me. Its an illusion that the one preaching is the closest to the lord, Why this? just so you know I know. By the way,Jesus is leading all of us,
The man born blind had a wild ride. He was accosted after the miracle, first by what we shall call, “slaves to conformity”, then “legalistic tyrants’”(A. K .A Simple Simon).,The blind man fought them off, and then Jesus came to save him..

Work for the night is coming

Work for the night is coming
Work in the noon day sun
Work for the night is coming
When Man’s work is done

After telling his disciples what and why it happened, Jesus began to bring the work to its completion
Jesus said, “We must work the works of him who sent me, night is coming when no one can work”.

Jesus by saying “we” includes us, his disciples, us today, those who are worshipping him now, Hebrews exhorts us ‘if you hear his voice today? ..listen,dont be stubborn”
He was talking to me and to you, how so? He’s saying “dont waste your time,follow me and do as Iam doing.” Practically speaking….hmmm?

like most americans, Im badly addicted to television. Jack Kerouac once interestingly but stupidly, wrote, Jesus second coming would be on television, decidedly interesting.. incorrect, and unholy? literary? Yes, but will it happen? in the end ,.. I believe not ! it is indicative of our addiction to Tv, it’s foolish,..yet somewhat engaging,but, dont waste your time
The guy who played mall cop, also plays a truck driver, when he comes home, he goes to the tv and tenderly tells it how much he loves it, It’s not ike acting, he seems quite real, that is the power of the tv, so terrible, but so me,and maybe... so you?.

But the night is coming when no-one can work for Jesus. Tv is a waste of time,ridiculous stuff.

To write this for you guys I had to split up with the TV.
Something came over me.. it was holiness .I also heard Jesus voice ,”.better not waste your time with nonsense, Emulate my servant Jeremiah, and like hiim, let my words burn inside you while you live, use scripture(still paraphrasing but..) not creativity, Dreaming wont make it so, unless its my dream, repent, youve wasted a lot of time, someone may listen and be saved….I listened to messages given or read and changed course, Im still wary of TV. and UTUBE….and ...I struggle..some, must.. more, it is not will power thats lacking. but faith..

Jesus warned his disciples that the night is coming when no one will be able to work..When God commissioned Jeremiah the Prophet said,, “alas, lord God, I do not know how to speak, because Iam a youth”, but the lord said to him, “Do not say Iam a youth Because everywhere I send you. you will go and all I command to you, you shall speak”.As God worked in consort with Jeremiah he longs to do so with you and me. The weeping prophets tears for his people live on, but only to those who listen.

Dont fear, dont doubt, just do….wait..Someone frowns at my thought,
There is a lady walking with us , her name is “secret”, she told me, “hey you ! your not crying your moaning.!..God can do anything you forgetful guy ,but he wants his servants to be involved, it gives him pleasure...The world and everything in it, belongs to God, but what is the glory in him doing everything,? it seems, no, it is.. he seeks those who can see him from a distance to do his work, by faith, this pleases him, those who can do this, they are sort of rare”,
I asked her if I was such a one, She sighed and walked away… then said.”To talk the talk, walk the walk” she said, and disappeared….””come back”.mysterious helper
I had hoped she would say more and maybe, fiix my drafts, and make them proper…..she told me we will see….again mysterious, she did her best to help.

When jesus was on the earth he noticed a curiously vexing thing about the people who were supposed to be leading his people and not listeneing to him. at all. He noticed they oppressed the people,and were careful not to lift a finger to “help”,

The law was like a heavy bundle they put on peoples backs, but Mathtew,
chapter twenty three verse four states : “they arent willing even to lift a finger to help them”, Jesus used them as a back drop for his glorious humility

The title “Son of man” means “The Servant of man” the so called leaders had never tasted the freedom and glory of liberating people wiith assistance, or showing truth and love ….Why were they so stupid adn selfish, invisible phantoms hold people in fear, Fear of what?...uh,, being humble, looking weak,Its in this world, it rules the blind leaders all the time.They fail, due to pride..blind Guides
Walkers.Show your face, I will say it ,even if it means using your spit and mud and your hand to make mud as an anointing Balm to heal a man, figuratively, but dont let that dimdinsh it, many are suffering and have been blind too too long, use anything. (Secret smiles).

You live only once, share in the moment, do or create ways to save with what God has given you, if you worry about what created beings think, you will never know who you are or your destiny.this is is why so many think they are what they own, or look like, or where they went to school,these are important things but not us, Amen, Amen ad infinaetum….Secret asks me “ do you even know what that word means?” Such questions?

Think? who would you follow and be taught by.. The proud, or the humble, who bends low to help this infirmed man, he had suffered until this moment, the proud, see no beauty in this,nope,they wont bend to pick up mud, or work it in there hand..not on the sabbath, not on wedsday, not on tuesday no, never ever, there pride!, forbids such a thing of beauty to enter there dark souls, Secret makes a face like she wants to speak, uh oh, “ remember what I said about talkin and then walkin the walk?”I said,”okay”

The master walked, preached and worked for the Father endlessly, he says by this act of healing, actions speak louder than words.

Jesus had a plan for the guys and “ladies” who followed him. Did they follow just to follow, no! he implied ,he would be gone one day,Then What?
Well , Sooner or later the follower must try to do as the master does,this is the point of following, we wont always follow , we must do on our own, work for him, He wishes to see what we have learned, practically, its neccesary, this is not pride, but progress, but, heed, walk with Jesus as you do,I love deeply the spit and mud of minimalism, But, remember the subject of the act. the man born blind, he went when he was told to wash his eyes, he listened to Jesus


The blind leading the blind
Simon says….

The endless and wearying game of simple simon was being played by adults long ago in the town of the Man born blind, its still going on today.
“Slaves and masters”, Paul wrote of this:” dont you realize that you can choose your own master. you can choose sin with death or else obedience to Jesus with acquittal”
Yet, some people, for lack of another avenue of a real life in God, they fall into a depravity of spirit, they will take the only Jobs in town, they saw em in the... Help Wanted Adds... Attn: (Slaves wanted),,,benefits?/ disrespect... pay?/ Abject domination, , perks?/abject blindness.. PS. only broken blind people need apply.”

hmm? why do they take such awfull jobs?, this is apparently the “nowhere else to Go” of which Peter spoke, ”Lord ,to whom else shall we go,? you have the words of eternal life.” Yet, to these unfortunate souls, slave work was all they had., they worked for “simple simon”, the spiritual leaders.

They live to tell others what to do, these are ‘the spiritual, leaders”, these are the ones calling the shots, but, both parties are fools, one enjoys the sense of power,the other conformity and security in a group.
Lets take a peek,at the leaders “ Want Adds” for:”’ Spiritual Master Wanted”: (must have whip)..:Benefits?/ domination of slaves…. Perks?/: a title,long robes, and absolute power over people who are in bondage to you.
But, In small print, it states: Warning: To interested parties, Note: after retirement you will be entering eternity without Jesus.,,,Note:Advertisers not responsible,
The last addendum written quite sneakily and small. Welp,This is is the world of slaves...how do we avoid it

It really depends upon how you “see”, your ability to observe what is really happening. Your eyes must be openend, Secret’s looking at me like, “your boring me mister” she yawns like she ready for sleep.
Time for a tragic romance, Yes Secret ,its message related? What? “Yes by
Me? A romance novel guy?..uh maybe? “Hmmm... she says.. “Unlikely” says secret,...”how dare you?” Look!

There was once a princess, who married a king , she lost him, the poor thing,Why oh why? Well, In fact... she was blind.. as a bat….,seriously, look below

Once after the ark was taken away and was gone, David, who loved God deeply, suffered from seperation from the lord, The Ark had been in another town and had blessed the man whos home it was stored in,
David hearing this news, ordered it back, and after being carefull to obey all the lords commands for transport, he brought it into Jesrusalem, David, a mortal man, became rather ecstatic, as the Ark entered, he began dancing before the lord with all of his might….. As he did,.either all his clothes fell off, or.. uh.. some, not really clear, not really important, but this is important, The Daughters of Jerusalem who played timbrels, and sang, as he danced, They were like the five knowing and wise virgins,Holy women, they knew exactly why he was dancing and, saw not his nakedness, but his love of God Almighty…. only, they embraced it, and were one with there king, in his spirit.
however; not everyone “sees” so correctly, not everyone knows what’s happening “spiritually” when things like this are happening, his wife Michel, Saul’s daughter, saw him in another light.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, strangely she envisiosned him to be a rude somewhat lewd and common fellow, she was blind you see, It was not so, and David told her so, and she was rebuked and dismissed. (Secret approves), she’s quiet..for now. She asked Me, “ did that really happen”.. Such questions? of course.
Its biblical history, its the word of God, cant you tell that wasnt my writing? She says,”Yes I noticed it was more interesting”

Now, you would think that the people who saw the man seeing would be happy? but It was a curious and almost funny episode of,
“News Of The Town”..... ”Slave number 1,: Is that him?..Slave number 2::.no,no..uh, it only looks like him…. Slave number 3: um..wait, take a closer look, I think that may actually be him?”,A scene of denial happened.

Mean while the man born blind kept saying, “ hey! over here ,its me,! Im the man, of which you speak,” it became curious and curiouser.

why?, slaves, fear,spirtual reality, Why? conformity to slave bondage and cant see or wont see the reality set before them. Blind.

Also, as an example;, at the raising of Lazarus many rejoiced “ ding dong, death is dead” hurray, a real hurray, or Hallelujah, but, the passage ends with a strange note at the end of the glorious day, look, “some went and told the leaders what Jesus had done”

Huh? They told Simple Simon,?.Yes, they turned him into there slave masters, it seemed unnatural and freightened them, Why? Again, you see?,.. they didnt.

The reason for this is simple, they are slaves to sin and thus fear and the newness for lack of a better phrase, make them blind to the glorious works of God, they turned him into the slave masters, there leaders…..


Blind guides

Simple Simon is served

When he was in there custody, a rather funny episode in the Vaiety section of “News of the Town”,The blind leaders became like the “keystone cops”, They coudnt agree with each other as to whether Jesus was evil or good,

Many times Jesus healed on the sabbath,This is supposedly sin, Others, however, amongst them, rightly claiimed that God doesnt listen to sinners. Good cop, bad cop?

Curiously in a lull in the debate, they looked at the subject, and asked him what he thought, He told the truth as a he knew it “ he is a Prophet” Oh dear,,This began his long spiral downward in there eyes,
Then, they got it in there bonnets it was a scam, and so they hoped in there hapless ways to squash it, why? to keep there power base, they saw people were turning to Jesus, slave were leaking out to the underground railroad, “Well get to the bottom of this” they thought, they went to his parents house.
Impelled by there search to find out if he really was blind from birth,They turned the sirens on in there chitty chitty bang bang Jalopies, they went the wrong way for several miles dragging a picket fence beind them, They lost the image of God in there haste ad passion for no good.
They then harassed Mom and Dad, They, the parents, were good at the game of “Simon Says” and managed to evade being kicked out of the synagogue,(Why stay?) by being duly cagey and showing respect, They were truthful in regards to his blindness from birth and sent them back to him, unhappy and unfulfilled that there block headed plans for domination were failing,
….Grouchy diabolical, sadly deceived, but, not all though, Nicodemus may have convinced Josephus a member of the Sanhedran,others also some leaders, were perhap also redeemed by his blood and numbered with the quick and not dead .

The leaders ramped up there game, and went back to the man born blind, With false evidence against what jesus was doing , Bad cop::” Listen and listen Good you!, we know this guy is not of God, so give glory to God and tell us the truth, how did this thing happen?”,

The man who had been healed, somehow became quite forceful,, he was not slave material.

The man didnt want to play the game, he had tasted truth and wasn looking back.

In so many words he said, “whether he is a sinner or not I dont know, I do know, I was blind and he made me see.”

Frustrated, they poked at him for details

They were taken a back by what they imagined as insolence, They asked again what he did to his eyes to open them,

He may have been sincere, but i suspect he was pusing back at them, as they were beginning to annoy him. He replied, Perhaps, boldly, or rather saltitshly”You already asked me that could it be you wish to be his followers too?”
Slaves masters beat up on other slaves, look a Exodus with Moses and see what happend when he tried to help, but, this slave had swallowed an antidote, it was truth, he could “see” what was happening...
,They had planned to kill lazarus after he was raised , astounding? But true.

Once before,Jesus told them this,’”your desire is to do that which your father the devil does, for he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning..” Referring to the nature of the highest created being, after his fall.

They deflected this by saying he was a “Samaritan” and demon processed, but they were the ones who were demon processed.

Finally the man Born blind spoke honestly to them, “if this man were not from God, he could do nothing, God doesn’t listen to sinners”... that did it.

They used there ace of self righteousness to revile him as a sinner due to his blindness, or one time blindness, and threw him out of there synagogue…...But

Real followers, of jesus told him what happened,they were angry at them. be like these when a follower is attacked, they knew Jesus was the answer, he searched high and low for him,

The master seeks those who are true to him by following the truth. They will be persecuted, You will be persecuted, But……...look see.,
Jesus will not allow a Good work begun to end badly, if you believe in him even a litte llike a mustard seed, he will return to you again and again until you are fully realized as a huge life giving tree, many times Jesus searched for me after my misguided love of the world and pride made me fall away,I got published once or twice, it went to my head, and I ended up lost, he came back for me, (long invisible talks), he is my Master, the incredible discipline I wrote about in the begining real, and necessary, but if we fail, don’t worry walkers, he will find you and restore you.

The conversation upon finding him was brief, “ Do you believe in the son of Man?”and? He answered “who is he lord, that I may believe in him?”,
jesus answered,” He is the one talking to you,”The man said “I believe”, and worshipped him.

In luke, when Jesus was tempted by satan, he came and tempted him to have Jesus worship him,. He showed him many wonders; delights, and powers, to tempt him, but jesus rebuked him and said, “worship the lord God and only him bow down to”.

The worship, is the key to our ticket to heaven, dont be deceived, Bow only at his feet, and worship him only. Quietly, do so now if you wish. As a crowd looked on., as the man worshipped, Jesus told them,

vs, 39: “ For judgement I have come into this world so those that cant see may see, and show those who think they see that they are blind,”

Standing by the scene of worship, some (simple simons) where lurking about, and thy asked angrily, “Are you referring to us teacher?”

Jesus told them “If you knew how blind you really are, it would not be the case, but because you believe you see, yes, you are the blind of which I speak”.

I sense, some have followed these words and enjoyed the four people we met,

In the end, worship Jesus with all you heart and soul and strength, it is said that when David danced before the Ark he did so with all his might, soul, and spirit, I may have burdened you with long messages,, but, I assure you my only hope is that you sing and dance before Jesus forever in the house of our God. Amen, Patrick Keenan


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