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My opinion of my counterparts
You walk around as though you are blind
Blind to the ways of your counter parts
Because of your concept of my skin color
You laugh and say oh no I am not racist
Because I know a few people of that race
We see each other once a week or
Their children go to the same schools
But yet fail to see the concept of us
In a world were it is ok
and we are tolerated as long
as we are athletes and rappers
but not seeing the concept of us
where are counter parts still turn
their noses up no matter
how much money we make
or if we are helping save lives as well
begin doctors and scientist
while still placing us behind bars
for a profit clutching your
wallets and purses but staying
hey I would like to invite you over
for dinner but not truly seeking a
humanly bond because you can't get
pass the concept of me...
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