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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Dark · #2228783
No5:Showdown with the strongest enemy Sniper ②
"Roland. I have another child."

"Oh, I'm sure."

Needless to say to Sergeant Sergeant Ralph, the boy's bizarre behavior had been a concern since he showed his face through the window.

But I didn't know why I was interested.

"Will you shoot?"

"No way, just fly an airplane made from origami out of the window."

"Yes, but let's contact the headquarters... ask if they are correspondents."

Jokingly Ralf laughed.

But I'm not.

For some reason, I wanted to shoot a child flying a paper plane asexually.

......No, I felt like I had to kill him.

He wears a torn, dirty T-shirt, but has a pretty face.

I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but it's good anyway.

Also, features such as clear white skin, silvery hair, and strange eyes look like forest fairies. ...

Even if this boy was a boy, I wanted to put it aside.

Dirty clothes are not suitable for this child.

If this child is a girl, a white dress would look great.

I quickly found a sniper other than my favorite.

However, it was not easy to find the man who shot the child just before.

I'm looking for a scope and binoculars.

I flew a paper airplane in various directions many times, and felt the reflection of light when the paper airplane turned right and left.

The reflection of the observer's binoculars shook.

"Finally found"

I hope the distant enemy won't hear this voice, so I play the child called by my mom and leave the window.

Then, hide behind the curtain in the closet on the upper two floors, take out the scope from your pocket and look into it.

I found it.

Behind the sniper and watchman was a correspondent.

I stopped installing the scope.

The next purpose of the guy who has already defeated many of these snipers is me.

With a scope, the reflection of the lens tells you where you are, rather than being seen by others.

I placed the scope on the floor, lowered the button on the black clothes, and projected the muzzle.

That child turned to the back.

Seems to have been called by the mother in the room.

A child trying to get away from the window.

"Do not go!"

With the scope of the back of the child about to leave, the finger on the Trigger gives strength.

But I couldn't pull it.

I didn't hesitate to shoot a child.

On the contrary, I thought that I really had to shoot.

If you think about it carefully, children are flying paper airplanes in places where bullets had been flying for a while, and they are too reluctant to play.

Even children can see that their head can be blown off even if they put their face out of the window.
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