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48-Hour Media Prompt - 500 Words
         Starting out with a truck hitting a domino, the video shows a chain reaction of dominoes falling down about a mile, it seems. Then I hear the words, "When the morning comes, this too shall pass". I enjoyed the beat of the music, even though I couldn't understand the words to most of the song.

         Then, I heard another lyric that said, "Can't let me get you down when you hit the ground". This was the only other lyric that I could understand. In this video, there was a lot going on. Chairs were falling down, a world globe, a barrel, a marble, and a tire were rolling, a pendulum was swinging, drinking glasses were clinging, and cardboard boxes were crashing, while a bunch of other things kept going on. At the end of this video, a few people were splattered by a paint ball.

         With everything that goes on in life, I got the message that we can't hit the ground because they don't want you to be down. The challenge is not to let the things in life get the best of us, even though we get hit hard by so many things.

         We need to have hope, even though we're in a chaotic mess. Everything is meaningless if we don't have hope. We can move mountains if we have just enough faith, like that of a grain of mustard seed. With this kind of faith, we can do many things. We can survive anything that may come against us if we have hope and faith.

         Staying focused helps to drive away any negativism that's out there, you can conjure up (produce as if by magic) some optimism. When negative impulses seem to slam its way up into you, we can spark this up a bit by replacing these impulses with positive and optimistic ones. When your emotional well being gives you a better attitude about life, a feel good approach enters in this way.

         Chin up, chin down,
         Better conditioning all around.
         When times are getting very bad,
         Turn away the frown and just be glad.

         The spirit-filled emotion is all you need,
         You're doing great, so plant the seed,
         Your growth is sufficient for what you need.
         Stretch forth your hand and begin to pray;
         It's what you should do every day.

         It matters not what you do,
         The Lord is watching over you.
         Be careful with the words you say,
         Sometimes all day they'll follow you,
         For wisdom's sake, begin to pray.

         What remains in place is my devotion,
         Regardless of the world's commotion.
         Release your thoughts that cause emotion,
         By putting them away in the big wide ocean.

         Wrap up those memories that cause you hurt,
         And begin to cherish the good old days,
         When people cared about what they shared.
         Those were the days that made you laugh,
         When jokes were made by the other half.

         Put your eggs in one basket,
         This too shall pass,
         Then you'll be forever blessed.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, August 7, 2020

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