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The conclusion to the story that means so much to me! :)
The Book of Life Chapter 14 “The Crossroads of Life”

The next morning Dylan had such a happy smile on his face while sleeping soundly in his Captain America Pajamas that is, until he felt me staring at him with my beady little eyes only a few inches from his face "AWWW!" "Good morning handsome, I didn't mean to startle you!" There was juvenile laughter in the background! "Sorry Aphrodite, you scarred me, by the way how did you get in my room?" Aphrodite said "Well, sweetie, you're in my room actually, and by the way, I love your Captain America underoos ha-ha!" Dylan was blushing and said "It was a gift ok?" Aphrodite winked at him and said "Don't worry honey, your secret is safe with me, and for your information, I like to sleep in my Wonder Woman underoos too, so you are in good company my brother ha-ha!" Dylan was still trying to get oriented and had a lot of questions so we tried to comfort him as best as we could because this morning is going to be the start of one of those "Crossroad days of so many people's lives!"

Oh Sunshine don't you just hate when you reach a crossroad day in your life when you have to make a decision that will affect your life forever? It just seems like a few years ago that Astraea's biggest crossroad decision in life was what type of bubble gum she wanted to get stuck in her hair for the day ha-ha! But as we grow older those decisions become real and sometimes hard! Do we go to college, or get a job? Should I buy that car? That house? Should we get married or stay single? Everyday our life is affected by the decisions we make and sometimes our decisions affect other people's lives as well. That is why we, as human beings, are all connected and dependent on each other by the life we live and the decisions we make! Hopefully we will make the right decisions, so that we can help, and not harm the precious people in our life. At least that is what we try to do! Anyway my love, we have to ask Dylan some difficult crossroad decisions that is going to affect him the rest of his life but don't worry, we will give him plenty of time to decide, ugh! ;)

"Dylan" "Yes Astraea?" "I have to ask you a favor if you don't mind?" "Sure Astraea, what is on your mind?" "I was wondering if you would let our mom and dad adopt you into their family?" "Wow Astraea, that is intense, I thought you were just going to ask if I could take you girls to school today, but this!" He became speechless so I smiled at him and said "It's ok Dylan no pressure, it's just that I know you and Lucy are orphaned like I am and your Aunt Wu is looking after you, but your sister is going to disown her because she is going to send her to alternative school for a while since she got in trouble with the police at school last night. If you allow our mom and dad to adopt you and Lucy, we'll be able to save her and help you heal too!" "Oh, Astraea this is really hard! Can you give me some time to think it over?" "Sure Dylan we can give you all the time you need or maybe in just 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" ;)

That is when mom came in the room after knocking on the door and said "Oh Dylan you're awake, good! Listen honey, I just wanted to let you know that your aunt called and said that Lucy was detained at school last night by police for making a false report and Ms. Wu told them to send her to an alternative school for a while. She will be back soon, and when she does, we will be a family I promise! oh, and one more thing. I just want to thank you for all the wonderful times we had over the months and how happy you made your future mother and father for being here with us, you truly are an Angel Dylan thanks!" Dylan weakly said "Ok mom thanks!" "Oh by the way, do you want dad to take you to school or do you want to drive your car today?" Dylan wasn't sure if his car was at their house so he asked "Isis, is my car here?" and Isis laughed and said "By some miracle or magick Dylan your car is parked outside!" cool, but then Dylan had a worried and shocked look on his face when his possible new mother asked him "Who are you talking to dear?" That's when Dylan realized that Isis mom could not see or hear her talking to him and he had that scared deer in the headlight look when he looked over at Isis "No Dylan, our mom can't see or hear us anymore, we put a spell on her so she could forget us and concentrate on adopting you and Lucy. This is really hard for us but we don't want to break her heart, sorry my love but that is the way it has to be!" That's when mom asked Dylan "Honey, are you ok? you blanked out on me for a moment, did you need to talk?" "Oh no mom, it's ok, sorry, I was just thinking about a history test I'm going to have to take at school today, I'll go ahead and drive if you don't mind, I promised I would pick up Gina for school today!" "Ok Dear love you with all my heart!" As he smiled and walked away Isis said "Dylan this is what it would be like to have a family that loves you, think about it and take your time, Astraea was only teasing you about making a decision right this minute, love you brother!"

When Dylan left we all let out a sigh, "It's going to be hard leaving our parents! Are we doing the right thing?" Oh Sunshine, as we were talking we started to pack our belongings and decided to stay with Miss Wu; so that Dylan and Lucy can be adopted by our former mother and father. We told Miss Wu everything that happened, all the magic we did and why we had to leave our temporary parents so she knew what was happening and promised to take care of us for the short time we were going to be here. As we were getting ready to leave our happy home for the last time though, our mother said "And where do you think you're going!" That is when we looked at each other like we were the deer in the headlights when we said "She can still see us, Oops!"

"Of course I can still see you silly! I know you are powerful witches and all, but do you really think your spells and magick can make a mother forget the children she loves with all her heart?" that is when she came to us and hugged us with all her might! This was also the first time our magick ever failed! Perhaps we really are human after all! ;)

"Oh I'm so sorry mom, it's all my fault! I just didn't want your heart to break when we leave, we love you so much it hurts, but we're going to have to leave you when we catch the demon and send him back to where he belongs, that is why we put a spell for you to forget us and hopefully adopt Dylan and Lucy to take our place!" Mom said "Oh Isis, I don't know why you have all these powers, but I do know that I love all of you! Don't ever feel like you can't talk to me, I'm here for you I promise! Dylan is a good kid and Lucy is very a very troubled teen! I don't know what is going to happen, but we will find a way to make it all work out as a family ok?" and all three of us said "Ok mom! We love you!" Mom sounded relieved and said "Good, let me call work and school so that we can stay home and talk some more!"

The Book of Life Chapter 15 "Mama's Séance!"

"Well girls, I thought we could do something fun today! Instead of having grownup talk let's have a Séance, and I will be the MEDIUM and you can be my Ghosts!" Astraea said "Oh we love the ideal mom, do you know how hard it is to get Christians to play with us? Ha-ha!" mom laughed too, "ok it's a deal, lets go downstairs in the dining room, we can close the curtains and darken the room, get some candles and have our ghost talk!" I had to ask the question "You just want us ghost there right? You don't want real ghost do you?" Mom laughed and said "Just you my dear, no real ghost are allowed, ha-ha!" "Ok it's a deal!"

Mom continued, "Ok ghost children I summon you to my table" we all made ghost noised "Woo, Awe, Oh!" Mom couldn't help laughing but tried to be serious "Ok you little ghost, we have a few simple rules, I will ask questions, and you can say Yes, No, or Maybe. After you made your choice feel free to say what ever is on you mind ok?" Isis said in a haunting way "Yes! We understand and we have arrived! woo!" Mom couldn't stop laughing "Very good Isis you are fast learners ha-ha! Now let's see? Are you really humans" Astraea said "No, we are ghost!" mom laughed "This game's going to be harder than I thought! I mean are you girls really human?" Aphrodite smiled and said "Maybe? We don't know ha-ha! I mean we have memories of our short life here with our parents, but Isis has memories as far back as 4365 years ago in the year of 2350 BC in Egypt when people began referring to her as Isis. I'm younger, my memory only goes back to 350 BC in Macedon, where Philip II was ruler of the area, and Astraea was the last Goddess to leave the Earth during the dawn of the Iron age, when humans began to be wicked, her parents were Goddess Eos from Dawn, and God Astraeus from Dusk. That is why she loves sunrises and sunsets so much! She is a beacon of light and our last hope for humanity to survive! If she gives up hope on the humans all is lost!" Astraea smiled and said "Don't worry mom, I'll never give up on hope, I mean wooooo!"

Mom was speechless! "Ok wow! um let's see, did you really run away from home in 2006?" Isis said "No, we didn't run away from home we ran to our destiny in 2006, when ShadowFire gave Astraea (The Book of LIfe)" Astraea laughed and said "You forgot to say Woooooooooo Isis!" We noticed it was really hard for poor mom to concentrate ha-ha! "Isis and Aphrodite ghost are you really 17 years old and is Aphrodite really 16?" "Oh I got this one! Physically we are teenagers, but emotionally we are a wreck ha-ha! In our world there is no time so age has no meaning to us Girls, um Ghost! ShadowFire swears we are part of the 12 tribes of brothers and sisters of Heaven that greet new arrivals, because he never seen our kind of love before! When he briefly died on September 6 of 1986 He saw our complete happiness and unconditional love we had for him when he came back home to us! You see, ShadowFire is a sacred and beautiful creature, but everyone is sacred and beautiful too, that is the beauty of love! It was also our love and innocence that inspired him to start writing The Book of Life, so hopefully people can have hope and be inspired to embrace love with all their hearts too! Isn't that right Sunshine! Ha! Thought we'd forget about you my beautiful person? NEVER!" ;)

"This is all so beautiful ghost children wow! Do you really believe people's lives are in danger especially Lucy's life?" Aphrodite eagerly answered "Yes! ShadowFire is going to have to battle the demon with a sword as a building burns down with Lucy in it, but it is my hug that is going to save her and capture the demon!" Mom continued "Did you know we were searching for older children to adopt, because we know how hard it is for teens to find loving parents willing to adopt them?" "Yes, we did mom and we're very thankful!" Isis said with gratitude! Mom gently asked "Do you feel guilty that you deceived us?" Isis answered this one! "I don't think we necessarily deceived you, because we love you and we are so grateful to be here, but if we told you the complete truth, would you really believe us? We have so little time with you that it would be ashamed if we wasted one moment of time from your doubts of us!"

"Do you want to stay with us forever?" Mom's question was for me! "Yes mom, we want to stay with you forever!" Mom continued "Are you going to stay with us, forever?" Darn that question is for Isis "No, we can't!" Mom asked "How come Isis ghost?" Isis responded as gently as she could "If we stay, Lucy will die in the fire, and Aphrodite will die if she can't release the demon in time to the underworld at ShadowFire's property, the tree is the only portal we know of that will send that creature back to Hades where it belongs." "Ok, after you return the demon back to Hades will you come back to us?" Isis again darn "No, we would if we could but we will be stuck at shadowFire's property once we burn the tree to the ground, it's the only way we can close the portal forever, but once we do that we will not be able to come back to your physical Earth again, unless we find another way?"

"One final questions, ghost girls, did you know that ShadowFire is deceiving you?" Isis took this one "No, he is not deceiving us, actually he is on your side, he wants us to stay with you and dad, and he explained it to us this way: You see, Heaven is a beautiful place full of love, happiness, and peace, you're never lonely in Heaven and you don't have to worry about the hate, the greed, the anger and the wickedness of people on Earth, but there was one thing that made ShadowFire happy that he came back to your Earth and that was the gift! The gift of life, as imperfect as life is, every day is a treasure to be alive and to be loved by people that are as imperfect as you are! It is that frailty of life that makes it worth living because once it is gone, you lost that opportunity to let the ones you know how much you really love them!" mom's jaw was too the floor "Wow, you're good ghost girl and that is why I love you so much!"

Just then the curtains mysteriously fell down to the floor letting the beautiful sunlight in, mom said "I guess that is our cue that Ghost time is over ha-ha!" We all laughed and hugged each other! Oh Sunshine, I'm glad you were here with us, it means so much to me that you are here!

"Seriously though, stay here with us! You don't belong over there, you need to stay with the living!" Isis gently said "Oh mom we love you so much, we would if we could but we don't belong in your world, tell me, would you be willing to give up everything and come live with us to our world when we leave? You can come with us, but would you be happy in our realm of existence? We evolved, we have reached the Age of Aquarius in our world, it would be too hard for you to adjust! Just like it would be too hard for us to come back to a world that could never understand or accept us."

I told my mom "We can stay with you until winter time, but only if you promise to laugh and enjoy this precious time we will have with you!" Mom said with tears in her eyes "Yes I will young lady Astraea, we will have plenty of Sunrises, Sunsets, hot chocolate, hugs, laughs, and lots of love while you are here, but don't be surprised if I secretly handcuff you all to me when winter time comes! ;)

The Book of Life Chapter 16 "My Demons Hide!"

I know that we are in the school auditorium right now, but let's quietly gather around boys and girls so that I can tell you a story of Enchantment! It just seemed like yesterday when I was walking in the sacred forest where everything was so alive and beautiful and wanting to celebrate this wonderful gift of life with me! Yes that was the age of innocence the time we were all beautiful and sacred creatures of our Earth where the sun always shined and the sadness was never known. I saw the beauty in everything, I saw the beauty in you, and there you were reading our book! Oh I so wanted to reach out to you, hold you and tell you how much you mean to me, but I wasn't sure if you were going to take the leap of Faith, join our family and read our private thoughts from our Sacred book, but you did and now you are with us for eternity my love! I saw your name in our Book of Life Sunshine, as well as me, Isis, Aphrodite, ShadowFire and the other 7 billion beautiful souls in our world too! We all have a reason and a purpose for being here and we are connected in ways you could never imagine, but somewhere along the line we lost our gift, our ability to recognize the Sacredness and beauty we all possess. Yes the dark days came but we grew as a family and hope our love is contagious to everyone we meet! Wow, it seems like yesterday while we were playing in our garden when that naughty demon escaped from our tree! We had such an adventure and each of us found the people we so desperately needed to make a difference in our life and the lives around us. I found you Sunshine and I placed my book out for you to read and it touched my heart that you did! I found our temporary parents in Kirkland Washington and it was so nice to have them watch over us! It gave us a chance to be normal girls for a while and that was the key for us to give love and happiness to everyone we meet! Oh Sunshine, we are very powerful witches but our greatest power came from love! The love from our parents, the love we have for the people we meet, and the love we have for each other in our family, and that includes you, my dearest sweet Angel! Well mom was true to her word, we had many sunrise and sunsets as a family, chocolate drinks, hugs and plenty of love that went by way too fast for my taste. It was so difficult to say goodbye to our mother on the last day of Earth with her, but I did get to blow her a kiss before we had to leave! I can't say goodbye to you either Sunshine because you're family too, so I will say what we say to the one's that are with us forever: Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again! I knew you and loved you long before we ever met, I kept you deep in my heart when we were apart, and when we meet up again, you will bring me the greatest joy of my life! Remember that we are never really apart and like every good legend I have 2 gifts for you to remember me by: If you are every lonely or need contact with me, go back to the beginning of our story and find the contact spell I gave to ShadowFire. I promise to have my fingers on the (((o))) symbols while you have yours on it too! Also if you ever happen to be walking outside on a calm windless day and a sudden gush of wind blows on you, It's just me blowing kisses in your direction to let you know I am nearby and thinking of you with all my heart! Well Sunshine I love you more than life itself and will keep you close to me for eternity! I thank you for giving me the chance to share my life with you and no I'm not going to cry! I'm just going to say I love you!" Aphrodite wants to speak to you next my dear! Thanks for everything you are and everything you do my love! From your loving sister Astraea!

Hi sweetie its your number one love Goddess Aphrodite here and I just wanted to thank you for being part of our family, you mean the world to me! I wish we could have more time together, but remember you are never alone when you are with us! I hope you liked my witty charm, and good looks, ha-ha, and sense of humor; But in all honesty when I say I'm beautiful, I'm very humbled and thankful for our Creator that made everyone as beautiful as I am. You're very beautiful too my love, don't ever forget that! I know society conditions us to say we are conceited if we think we're beautiful but there is no shame to see your beauty when you see the beauty in others as well! Anyway my dearest love, like Astraea, I have gifts for you to remember me by too; So every time you look in a mirror and see your beautiful soul, think of me and I will be thinking of you! Also if you happen to be outside and you're suddenly caught in a rainstorm just know it was me throwing a bucket of water at ya, ha-ha! Anyway, If you can laugh and smile even though you're getting soakin wet, you made it home and understood what I am all about as we play in the rain for a sweet eternity! Oh Sunshine I love you so much and so glad you are part of our family, and remember as I leave you I gave you a kiss while you were sleeping earlier and now part of my soul is with you forever, remember me because you will always be in my heart forever my love! Xoxo!

Hello Sunshine my love, I'm Isis, Mother of Earth and Sky, but I also want you to know that you mean the world to me too and I am so glad that you are part of our family! I know you have so many questions about what happened, so my gift to you is the story you missed out on, your battle with the demon inside, and how you can help us change the world one person at a time!

I'll start off with the easy stuff first and talk up to the events of the final battle between ShadowFire, Lucy and her demon that he will tell you about in the final chapter of our book! Just remember my love, we have a living book and when our adventure ends yours will just begin and we will always be looking over you as you continue on with your beautiful life!

Well after our little Séance and playing with our mom the rest of the morning, Dylan and Gina came back to the house when school was over with some exciting news! Everyone that attended our party that night believed they dreamed the same dream and they all asked Dylan about it! Yes our happy couple was the main talk of the school the whole day and they were the most popular kids at school! It was kind of funny though because the kids at school forgot all about us but that is the way we wanted it since it was time for Dylan and Gina to shine and take over where we left off.

For the next couple of days, weeks and months we kept a low profile and helped Dylan and Gina behind the scenes as best as we could. Gina was true to her word and organized so many charity events to help their community out. They organized a soup kitchen to help feed the homeless and the people were so thankful! The kids at school were helping the unfortunate people but the appreciation and love the homeless shown the kids was priceless and for the first time in their life they saw how a little bit of kindness can change your heart in ways you could never imagine! When you help others you receive blessings times 3 and so much more!

Oh Sunshine, it is so strange, in our previous story we battled demons in front of millions of people with the fate of the world in our hands, but in this story all we did was be normal, well semi normal kids, in school ha-ha! During our brief stay here we changed lives! We helped Gina and Dylan come out of their shell and now they are making a difference with so many lives in their community! We helped our counselor Miss Lan Wu with her grief from her sister that passed away several years ago and helped her change so that she stopped treating her niece Lucy so badly and the kids she was supposed to be helping at our school! We helped the kids understand that everyone has a purpose for being here like our custodian friend Ruben that worked so hard to support his family, and food server Charlotte to dream of Paris France. We also helped our new best friend Cindy that was going to commit suicide the day we had our sacred walk with Gina and Dylan. Now Cindy has dedicated her life to helping others and became a first degree initiate of Wicca. She is going to be the resident witch that is going to help Dylan and Gina out when we have to leave this Winter's Solstice. She is a very capable and loving person that is going to take our place when we leave and like Merlin that helped King Arthur out, she is the beautiful Enchantress that is going to be there for Dylan and Gina when they need her!

Isn't it amazing how all this happened? While We were walking our Sacred walk with Dylan and Gina we almost missed her hurting soul when we walked past her with our distractions, but I felt her pain and so did the girls! Now Cindy has a reason and a purpose for being here and is going to make a difference to so many lives because she chose to live, instead of die on that crucial day of her life!

Oh Sunshine, I guess the moral of this story is that you don't have to be a Wonder Woman or Superman to make a difference in the world! All you have to do is have the courage to get up each morning and live your normal life! Don't let the pain and hurt close your eyes to the sacred beautiful creation you truly are and help those that are hurting too. If we can love one another instead of hate, we can be a family and return back to our Sacred selves while we walk this Earth! Oh what a beautiful sight that would be, Sunshine! Until that precious moment returns though, just know that we will always be close by and watching over you as you continue on with your life!

Well Sunshine, it's time to face your demon now and the choice you make will change your life forever as it has changed ours! The demon you have to face is not the ones that are running around our world, it is the demon that is inside each and every one of us! The demon of doubt, mistrust, hate and anger, from a cruel world that doesn't care about us! Choose wisely my love because that is what the demon wants you to think, but we have found a better way! We found the way to love and left the hate behind, come with us my love and leave that demon behind!

Oh Sunshine! Living in your world for a couple of months helped us realize how hard it is to be a normal girl in the crazy world your poor souls live in! You are the true heroes and I am so proud and honored to stand by your side while we face those demons of doubt that will continue to attack us while we are here!

Well Sunshine, you faced your demon, now the time has come to face ours! We all have a roll to play while we fight the good fight! My role is to hold everyone together when everything falls apart, Astraea's role was her vision of what we needed to do to defeat the demon. ShadorFire's role is to fight the demon with his sword and Aphrodite's role is to remove the defeated demon from Lucy and place it into her body so we can transport it back to the Underworld. Your role is the most important one of all, it is to be a witness so that you can be an inspiration to everyone as you tell the story of how evil was defeated by love on that faithful Saturday of December 21st at 8:19 pm.

It's 8 pm right now my love, I have to transport you to Miss Wu's office where Shadowfire is at with Lucy right now as we speak. Hold on to Aphrodite's hand and close your eyes so you can go to them, they need your help! We will be behind you in a few minutes, right now we are attending a special ceremony in the school auditorium, that is honoring Miss Wu, Dylan and Gina as well as all the kids that helped their community out during the school year! This was the last straw that broke Lucy! She couldn't believe that people were honoring a monster with an award when her aunt was so cruel to her before she changed! Lucy was going to get even! She already had it planned out. She hid some gas cans nearby and doused her Aunt's office to burn it down. Lucy was going to burn in her office, the symbol of what Lan Wu stood for and finally show the people what a monster her aunt really is! Her demons and her hate made her think this was the only way out, but we have another way for her! We only hope and pray she chooses Love over hate, but it is her decision to make and we have to time this perfectly or all is lost!

"Close your eyes now my love and hold my hand! I'll keep you safe but just know that when you open your eyes back up we are going to be in Miss Wu's office with ShadowFire and Lucy! It's going to be scary since the fire already started outside her office and is building up while ShadowFire and Lucy fight! Be strong my love, and don't let the demon of doubt take over your emotions, have faith in Astraea's vision and pray we can save Lucy before it is too late! I know it's scary to transport through the veil from one place to another and it is going to take a few moments for your body to adjust from being in the auditorium to instantly being in Lan Wu's office, but by holding hands we will be strong and the love that we have for each other will overcome any fear that is our heart!"


The Book of Life Chapter 17 "The Final Battle!!"

"My love are you ok? You can open your eyes now but stay close to the floor because the smoke and fire is intense!" You open your eyes but are disoriented from the smoke and the fire that is nearby from the other side of the wall. When you look further down you see 2 figures fighting with swords, it just seemed so surreal and bizarre. "There's not much we can do honey, we just have to wait until the right time comes" That was Aphrodite's soothing voice talking to you as you were watching ShadowFire and Lucy fight!

"Come on Lucy let's see what you got! We're in the counselors office, time for some therapy to get all that anger out of you!" Lucy lunged at ShadowFire with all her might and the swords clashed loudly amidst the flames "I'll show you what I got! I'm a batton twirling cheerleader and this sword is going to twirl in your heart!" She lunged at him again with all her might "UGH!" "Oh such power, such anger, such strength and clumsiness! I could have killed you 15 different ways by now my dear! Do you really think you have a chance against me?" ShadowFire said to Lucy and she responded "You fool, I don't need to kill you by sword, I just have to delay you a few more seconds before the fire will kill you!" and ShadowFire said "That's great Lucy, but the fire will kill you too! What's that going to accomplish?" "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" "That's right Lucy, but why do you have all this anger inside of you what happened to make you this way?" Lucy was holding back her tears "Because I saw my mother possess that girl's body to give my brother and aunt one last kiss before she left this Earth and she didn't even say goodbye to me!" "Is that what you think happened Lucy?" Lucy responded with hurt emotion "Yes I saw it with my own 2 eyes, she didn't even care about me but she cared about my aunt who is a monster!" ShadowFire gently responded "Oh Lucy, your mother loved you more than life itself! She did kiss you but you were in such a blind rage that you didn't notice it at the time and it broke her heart!" Lucy yelled and lunged at ShadowFire again with all her might "LIAR!" That is when ShadowFire raised his hand up and you noticed Aphrodite throw her compact mirror for him to catch "Look into the mirror Lucy! It never lies, what do you see in the reflection?" Lucy was confused and caught off guard when ShadowFire gave her the mirror and Shadowfire yelled "LOOK!" That's when Lucy looked at the compact mirror and saw that there was a lipstick kiss on her forehead "Yes Lucy, your mother loved you so much! She kissed you too but you were hurting so much that day you didn't even notice it, but She's here right now Lucy, one last time to hold you and give you a final kiss!" When Lucy looked up her mother came walking to her from beyond and it broke her down to tears! "Oh my sweet baby, I love you so much!" Lucy went to her mother and hugged her with all her might while her mother gave her a final kiss and Lucy cried "Mama!" The circle was complete! Lucy somehow remembered the first contact she had when she was a new born baby with her mother and the last contact she is ever going to have before her mother has to depart! Oh it was so overwhelmingly emotional for the 2 of them but time was so short and her mother only had enough time to say "I will be with you forever my child and some day we will meet up again but until then, you need to return to the living!" She pointed to the door where people were anxiously awaiting outside as the fire engulfed the building!

When Lucy looked back at her mom, Aphrodite was holding her and said "Go to our mom Lucy, she needs you!" She shook her head and left, but didn't know how she was going to get out of the building since the fire was intensely hot! By some miracle though, she didn't burn when she walked through the flames and stumbled out of the building.

By then our mother was hysterical, she knew that Aphrodite was inside the burning building and Isis had to restrain her from going inside while saying "It's ok mom, have Faith! Aphrodite knows what she is doing and she is going to be ok!" Isis had to keep everyone under control as the drama unfolded! Astraea, Dylan, Gina, Cindy and dad were nearby while everyone else was further away from the fire while looking at the tragic event unfolding before their very eyes!

Lucy came running to our mom and was crying hysterically "I messed up so much, I caused the fire!" Mom reached out to her new daughter and the 2 never let go! "It's ok Lucy I got you now and I'm never going to let go!" everyone huddled so close to one another as the fire raged on but then a peculiar thing happen!

"TA DA!!!!" It came from Cindy and she yelled at the top of her voice that made everyone look at her for a split second which was more than enough time for us to perform some magick of our own! Oh Cindy we love you so dearly girl! You are a fast learner and an excellent magician's assistance! You gave us a beautiful distraction that any magician needs to amaze the crowd with smoke and mirrors from the illusions of magic! you're going to be a fine witch and advisor to Dylan and Gina when we are gone!

Shadowfire yelled back at Lucy and the crowd from the burning building and said "WHAT FIRE?" When everyone looked back at the school there was no trace of a fire, nothing! It all magically disappeared and that distraction gave us just enough time for Isis and Astraea to magically run to the entrance of the building where Aphrodite, Sunshine and ShadowFire were standing at! We are incredibly fast runners, when we have magic on our side, and for a split second, ShadowFires family and Lucy's new family were able to see eachother as they disappered with the fire that came from the building!

For a split second mom saw Astraea blow her a kiss from the other side before she disappeared with the others and finally understood why they had to leave. ShadowFire's family didn't belong in our world and her new family wasn't ready for the next level of evolution that her daughters are from! It was a hard lesson for her to learn, but it made mom hold Lucy even tighter as she motioned for all her family to come together and hug them too! Dad, Gina, Dylan, and even Cindy came and hugged eachother for what seemed like an eternity as the night continued on!

Oh Sunshine, 2019 was the last year of innocence for so many people. When the plague hit us the following year we were cursed from holding one another like a family should! Our love could be a death sentence to the very ones we hold so close to our hearts. We were designed to bond with one another with the contact we so desperately need for love! That first contact between a mother holding her infant child for the first time, the contact between family that loves one another so dearly! We have to be careful now because of the plague, but in time the things we took for granted will return and maybe some day we can find a way to love again to a world that so desperately needs healing! Until that time comes though we will be watching over you!

I guess I should explain some more things before we have to leave Sunshine, you see when you were in the fire with Aphrodite, Miss Wu came back from the light to channel through Aphrodite's body, to give her daughter Lucy a final hug, but that hug also gave Aphrodite a chance to get the demon out of Lucy and possess her body! It was a great strain for Aphrodite but we managed to get the demon to the tree at our property just in time when Aphrodite lost consciousness!

We were holding Aphrodite pleading with her not to give up and I was in a panic, but Isis strength helped me stay calm. After what seemed like a terrible eternity Aphrodite said with a weak smile "Gee, I sure would like some pancakes right about now!" We all laughed with tears coming out of our eyes and said "Aphrodite, you can have all the pancakes you ever want!" And hugged her with all our might!

Well Sunshine, our story ended but yours has just began! We need you to do a few things when you return back to your world! We need to hear you say "Hello Beautiful" everytime you look into the mirror, laugh whenever your caught in a rainstorm, blow kisses back at the wind that blows on you out of the blue, and smile if you ever see the Full moon at midnight! Be in awe and wonder at every Sunrise and Sunset you are blessed to see and be thankful for the marvelous gift of life you possess! You are one of a kind beautiful soul that has awaken to the infinite possibilites of what you can accomplish with the love of your new family that loves you so dearly!

Oh Sunshine, I know you think this is a fictitious book but it really isn't! These girls really exist! I saw them when I briefly died and went to Heaven/Summerland/Paradise! They were so full of love, kindness and grace! I never knew that this kind of love could ever exist and it changed my heart forever! Could you imagine what it feels like to have so many beautiful souls come up to you with complete joy in their hearts by your mere presence! I'm not special but they made me feel like I was and it was their love that inspired me to write this book! I hope this story inspires you to tell others just how special and important they are as well as you! The world moves with every breath you take Sunshine and the Universe celebrates every day you rise up to face the world with your sweet presence! Be an inspiration, make a change in the world and know that you are loved by millions of souls that are watching over you as we speak! Take care Sunshine, I love you with all my heart! Now gently close your eyes and rest now, when you open your eyes back up you will be back in the world of the living! Live your life well, be strong for the ones that need you and know that you are loved for eternity! As you slowly go back to your world I whispered your name to you and it is as beautiful as you are my love!
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