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Well not to long ago in a not too distant city and country lived two mice. The female mouse called cake live in a small little country town named Fallsdown and. The male mouse her cousin lived miles away in the city his name was Butler and the city was called Upside. The two places couldn't have been more different if one was the sun and the other the moon. The only similarities were that both mice lived in the church and lived among men and animals. Well, that is about all that was alike about the places were the two mice lived.

The first mouse named Cake lived in a small little church on the outskirts of the small little town. She lived in the country as stated earlier. This little church lay near a farm and the preacher of that little church name Holyville happened to also be the farmer of the farm by the church. His name is Pastor Bill. Bill was a tall, round rollie pollie type of a man. He being very joyous often sang while he worked on the farm. He loves to sing hymns while he worked. He's married to the local school teacher well, as a matter of fact, the only school teacher on a count of the town being so small. Her name is Tilly. Tilly being a robust woman but also very kind and pleasant to look at. Her dees matched her looks. They had no children, the children she taught were her children she could often be heard telling the towns-folk this when asked if she had children. The farm was one of the bigger farmers in the little town. The farm had cows, pigs chickens, horses, and sheep living on the farm. Between the farm, church, and school the farmer and his wife were plenty busy and plenty happy. Cake the little mouse who had made her home inside the church was plenty happy to. She had a nice warm little hole in the wall in the church's food pantry. Since she lived in the pantry she had all the food a little mouse could eat right at her little paws. If that wasn't enough she could always go out when the chickens were being fed and grab a few pieces of corn or bread that the chickens left behind. She was so happy living in the country with its fresh clean air and plenty of food and company. See Cake was friends with most of the farm animals they were gentle and kind most of them and the others ignored her altogether. Cake could run to and fro as she pleased with few worries at all. On Sunday's cake got to see the humans do their thing called worship she kept hearing them say. Most of the townspeople would crowd into the little church and sang, and pray to someone called Jesus and read from a little book they called a Bible. They were always really happy it seemed to her. She always stayed out of sight as not to get stepped on or worse caught by one of the little boys, which could be kind of mean to the things they caught. Cake liked watching the townsfolk sing and dance around and worship this Jesus. It was all so strange to her well at least they seemed so happy and peaceful.

Well by and by Cake got a little bored with her life and started wondering what it would be like to be somewhere else. She loved living in the country mind you but every day seemed always the same, every week the same and every month the same. The towns-folk would help on the farm, at the school, at the church, and at the huge country store during the week, then worship on the weekend Saturday and Sunday. Then a big feast after followed, out in one of the meadows provided there was nice weather or in the school gym if it rained or snowed. Once a month all the women and the older girls would get together and make clothes and shoes for the towns-people. The Brimerson's owed the store and Miss Brimerson would get together with the ladies and go in the basement of her huge country store and sew for two or three days after work or school to make clothes and shoes to put in the country store to sell. It was nice Cake liked to explore the farm, school, church, and the store however she did that all the time and was growing tired of it. One day Cake would get her chance to do something different little did she know. On a bright and earlier Friday morning came a knock on her door. What in the world, who could it be this early in the morning? Cake got up and put on her little apron she always wore so she could get the towns-people scraps and put them in her apron pockets and run home to safety to store or eat them. She slowly walks to the door and opened it and low and behold who did she see but her cousin Butler from the big city. He is standing there with a big smile on his face and a long purple cape draped around his shoulders and a small black top hat on his head. Wow, he looked great and he looked so important with that purple cape and top hat on. Cake stepped aside so he could come in.
Well, he came in, in such a grand fashion walking tall and lean in what seemed like one quick motion he had taken off his hat and tossed it skillfully across the little mouse hole where it landed on an old but small round candy dish the towns-people had thrown out, Cake now used for a table. He then made himself comfortable in Cake's favorite chair a small couch that looked liked it had once been a child's toy. She was a little annoyed still she sits down across from him on little foot-stool that went along with the toy couch. He poked around the small little mouse hole and smiled gleefully. This is nice he had told her but my pad in the city is so much nicer and bigger, he had said to his cousin. She made a choice not to respond to this and offered him some corn, bread, and water. He ate it all so fast that she thought he hadn't eaten in days. He slyly replied that the meal had been good but back in the city the meals were way better. Cake listen to her cousin go on and on about the wonders of the city. He made it sound so wonderful that before the end of his tale she found herself hanging on his every word. He told her she really needed to come for a visit and see how the other half lived. He told her that she may not ever want to come back after she saw all the wonders of city life. So she agreed to go with him to the big city to see what all the hype was about since she was so bored of late with her life.

On a Monday morning, the two set out for the big city after her cousin had almost eaten her out of house and home. You'd think he hadn't eaten in forever for there to be so much good food in the city. She however just dismissed this and they continued on to the city. Most of the walk was peaceful and they talked all along the way. As they drew closer to the city however her cousin talked less and less. Again Cake dismissed this behavior. When they could see the city in the distance Butler stopped her and pulled her to the side telling her there were a few things he needed to share with her. Butler told her she had to run along the sides of the road in or near the grass to not be seen. He informed her that she would have to run fast when they got into the city so they wouldn't be possibly killed. What, killed her mind was trying to understand. He further informed her that they couldn't stop running until they got to his pad in the Megachurch called Sinadell. She was very uncomfortable with this but she trusted her cousin so she agreed. Well sure enough when they got just inside the city her cousin said to run and she ran. The streets were mostly paved and people , dogs, and cats were abundant, everyone was yelling and barking and meowing at each other. It's was so loud and crowded people walking, running, biking, and driving up and down the streets. Where she lived people mostly walked you would see a bike or car here or there but it was rare on count of the town was so small you could walk almost everywhere. The bikes and cars were mostly used to go out of town as the towns-people called it or for the elderly or crippled who couldn't walk well.The mice ran for the big mega-church on the corner. He stopped just inside the doorway looked back and forth but why? There was a huge fat cat laying in one of the corners of the church. His name must have been named Gus because when a sloppy fat woman started calling out for him he jumped up and ran to her. The two mice ran across the church and under a door and into a hole in the wall near a small office.
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