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Sometimes we should enjoy what surrounds us and appreciate nature.
Sometimes these night hours
Can be so beautiful
Sitting on the roof
Starring the stars
Which can be so colorful
Enjoy every sip of tea
Can give us such a peace
Those moment are pleased
If you and me are in are together
And our heart in such a ease
Then every stress,
Every tension in our mind
Get seized
In night starring the sky
Dreaming to reach very high
Comforting ourselves
In a calm sigh

Those snowfalls are the keys
To the doors of happiness
Sitting in a garden full of flowers
Enjoying the snow shower
Hand in the hands
My head resting on your shoulder
Felling a bit cozy
And at the same time
Feeling the warmth from both of our bodies

Those moments make me high
Remembering the snowfall
And the starry sky
Those petal of flowers
And love's sigh
Those worst moments when we both cried
Are very precious to us
For both of us for both of us.
-Dark Fox
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