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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2228894
No6 : Showdown with the strongest enemy Sniper ③
Predict the rotational misalignment of the bullet and shift the aiming position slightly diagonally to the upper right.

Then point the trigger at the sniper and hang your finger.

I don't get excited or sweat.

Place your finger on the trigger and pull slowly.



"Shoot that child"

"Hey, what happened?"

That's it!

Yes, it must be.

That child must be the Grim Reaper we were looking for.

"Hey, are you crazy! The other person is just a child."

Ralf tries to stop me, but I can't wait anymore.

He must be changing places and preparing to shoot us.

If you don't shoot him before he shoots, he'll kill me.

I hurriedly looked into the windows and gaps nearby.

Finally, I found it.

The depths of the open dim closet.

A black metal sight that looks out from the black clothes hanging there.

“Are you not using a scope?!”

At the moment when I thought so, I couldn't believe that I heard a sharp, inorganic wind noise, and my sight was lost.

The scenery that was bright so far will be replaced by the darkness of the night in an instant.

Ralf was screaming in the darkness, but the voice no longer reached me.

The shot fired hit the sniper's neck, and a tremendous amount of blood splashed.

Correct it a little in the lateral direction, correct it again, and aim again.

An observer is lying down and giving some instructions to the correspondent.

I think I finally realized the importance of things.

However, it is already late.

This time, when aiming at the guard's helmet and shooting a second shot, I saw a hole in the back of the helmet's head and the soldier fell.

Next is a correspondent trying to escape.

I missed his target and he escaped with a wound on his back.

After all correspondent.

It is not a threat.

A girl in the apartment, probably a reward for killing an American soldier, brought me milk and bread and saw it in the closet.

It is diluted with water.

Nevertheless, I thanked my thirst.

The girl is as tall as me.

After answering she was 12 years old, asked for my age.

I don't know my age.

No one was worried about it.

The girl kept talking regardless of what I didn't answer.

But I was asexually dissatisfied, pushing down on a woman and robbing her of her lips, as a man would in a city at night.

When I released my hand and stripped off her clothes, I heard a high note in the sky.

"I stayed too long!"

The correspondent who failed to kill must have reported my whereabouts to the base cannon.

A rattling ceiling, walls, and floor.

It's not just a correspondent.

In addition to my exact position, I also added instructions to calculate slight wind and air densities.

It's like a sniper.

There is no time to escape after hitting the first bullet.

It is thrown out of the room with the collapsing rubble, and is beaten against the bed covered with rubble.

I don't know if it hurts.

Before I knew it, the girl just lay down with my eyes open and stared at me.

Debris of rubble accumulates in the eyes of the woman lying down.

However, the woman no longer blinks or talks.

Then, my memory also stops there.
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