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its just an explosion of deep thoughts which sometimes create a large impact in our lives.
The black canvas will someday fade to grey,and that grey will eventually turn into white so that we can sprinkle some colors in our life to make it more visible and more effortless. An effortless life practically seems boring and quite outdated but in today's living it has become the need of the hour.The nature is now trying to make us understand to live life effortlessly,but effectively.

Human being is a weird creation of the almighty.It has all the emotions in it but still it tries so hard to bring them out and that too all at once. I wish everything was straight, clear,simple and more solved; people could understand each other and we all could effortlessly make the world a better place.There could be an essence of humbleness and a bit of practicality so that we could relocate our learning and use it in the best possible manner to secure our future.

At time it consciously becomes difficult to be effortless , during those times putting a little focus on reality and maturity can resolve the issue and can also lead us onto a new and more elegant path of life which in turn can evolve us socially, emotionally and economically.
In order to make a new color out of remaining colors from the pallet we need to have the right knowledge about the colors similarly, to make changes in our life we need to focus on its base,i.e.its past. Obviously we cannot change our past but we can definitely learn from it to rectify our errors in the future so that our white canvas does not have any stains! So lets try to put a little effort to become effortless!!!
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