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Flash Fiction (300 words) tale of a maimed kitten waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
Sixty-four days… Shorter than the average cat’s lifespan; but Brownie was never average.

“I’m changed,” Brownie declares as her four perfect paws settle into the plush meadow grass at the Rainbow Bridge entrance.

“Yes, the meadow is purrrrrfect for pets like you,” her spirit guide says from behind.

Startled, Brownie whirls 'round like a cat for the very first time. At that moment, she stands nose-to-ankle with Angel, the spirit of a Doberman that towers above her. Instinctively, Brownie cowers and begs. “Please, don’t hurt me!”

“Relax, kitten… We don’t do that here,” Angel says in a soft, calming voice. “In this meadow, there is no hate, suffering, hunger, or thirst. Here, you’ll receive only love from the other pets that await their human’s spirits before crossing into heaven.”

“But I’m nobody’s pet.”

“That’s not for you to say, Brownie. Your humans didn’t reject you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Every pet in the meadow knows your story… You never walked or ran. Your brother still runs like the wind; but your withered hind legs never developed.”

“Yeah, but I dragged them behind me.”

“Yes, Brownie, you did. Do you remember when your momma took you to the humans?”

“Yes, she couldn’t care for me. From that day forward, every morning, noon, and night, the humans brought me wet food and fresh water, far away from the strays that hurt me.”

“Do you remember where you died?”

“Yes. When I got sick, the woman carried me into her den, where she swaddled and cared for me until my dying breath.”

“Yet, you deny you were their pet?”

“Not any longer! They loved me.”

“So, what now, Brownie?”

I have a plan. I’ll wait here with the other pets they’ve loved until they arrive and we all cross the Rainbow Bridge together.”
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