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Mom is my whole life.!

Mom, the woman of my life!!!
Mom: do you know that you are the most beautiful woman in my heart?
Even if I do many things that make you sad, I hope you will always forgive me. I always feel so guilty when I look back at the mistakes I made for you, I'm really sorry,my dear mother is always the one who teaches me how to be human, teaches me how to live, teaches me understanding stories, teaches me how to be human. Because of that, I always consider you as my shadow, I love you and I always want you to be smiling, always happy, happy.
You are the life, the moon that illuminates you, "indeed, no one loves us unconditionally like the mother, to have the success and maturity like today, she had to sacrifice a lot. for you.
You are always the one who gives you unconditional love. Mother is the source of life, the happiness in the life of each seedling.
Mom, be very healthy to see how my daughter grows up! The woman who dedicates herself to my family must be healthy so that I can make a lot of money to repay you, mom!
My daughter's love

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