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No7 : Iraq Jun2021.IRC Camp①
I was fainted by being buried in rubble.

Then I woke up in a white tent.

I don't know where it is, and it doesn't make any sense.

Some tube is inserted in my arm.

When I pulled the tube into pieces, blood came out from where I was stuck.

”I must escape!”

However, the body does not move as expected.

I struggled and hurt my body.

But I can stand it.

I fell off my bed and was found by someone when I woke up.

"Hey, where are you going?"

A woman in a white coat held me down.

Race that I have never seen.

A young beautiful woman with black hair.

And white, soft and thin hands with a little color.

I shook my hand, thought to run away, and stopped.

It's not just because a strong man stood behind the woman.

I feel that I should not go against this woman.

"You have more than half your ribs broken, and you have to be extremely malnourished, so be quiet in bed."

"be quiet?"

"Yes, sleep quietly now."

"Sleep quietly! ? ”This is what Yaza used to say when shooting injured enemy soldiers! I mean, is this woman trying to kill me?

Sunnari is not killed. So I became wild.

However, the man next to him immediately pressed his body and the woman injected his arm.

"What are you doing..."

I feel far.

Emotions were swallowed in the dark, remembering the men who died to sleep after a high dose of drugs.

"Will I die?"

I hear a comfortable whisper.

Graceful words, not our words.

The words had a mellow rhythm, voice strength and pitch, and were like the singing of a bird living in another paradise, not this slaughtered desert.

"Am I dead?"

"Is this the place to call heaven?"

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