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Change of Season

I always could tell when the season was starting to change. It was the sun at the back door. How to explain? Well, the sun seemed less intense somehow, it fell just an inch further over on the screen door.

But one Sunday I had to get validation on this.

“Hey honey? Come out here and see something,” I yelled for my husband.

Mark came out and stood beside me. “What now? Something new on my honey-do list?” He hated when I shouted ‘come out here and see something’.

“No, nothing that boring. Look at this.” I pointed at the screen door.

“What’s wrong with the door? Paint? The screen seems fine, hinges are okay, so what’s the problem?”

“It’s the sun. It’s in the wrong spot.”

“You’re off your rocker. The sun is in the sky, where it’s supposed to be.” He shook his head, then walked over to me. His hand went to my forehead. “I think you’re getting a sunstroke, come in the house.”

I brushed his hand away, “Stop. The sun is supposed to be by the screw in the bottom left hand corner. That’s how I can tell the days are getting shorter. It happens every year this week in August. This year the sun is over here, by the screw in the bottom right hand corner. Mark, that is a difference of 26 inches. That’s huge. I think the sun or the earth moved. Something moved, and it wasn’t our house.”

We stood before the door, thought about this for a few moments.

Finally Mark said, “Yep, you’re off your rocker. Someone would’ve let us know if the sun or earth or little green men were involved in your sunlight mystery. I’m going to watch TV, where they tell the truth.”
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