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Presented with a challenge, a fiber artist takes the dare.
A Very Special Blanket

Kathleen McNamara

She was presented with the challenge.
Her friends said, "You will win."
But after reading the requirements,
she knew not where to begin.

She looked at them with puzzlement.
What was she to do?
How to make a stand out blanket,
when all the entries would be blue.

"No worries," they responded.
"Your stitches will steal the show".
"I'll do it", she said with reluctance.
Just how, she did not know.

Little did she sleep that night.
She tossed and turned 'til dawn.
Getting up to make some coffee,
she stifled a sleepy yawn.

Taking her coffee to the porch,
she let out a little sigh.
Settled back in her favorite chair
to watch the changing sky.

It was then the Muse spoke to her.
She reached out for her phone.
Laughing while she snapped some photos,
she was glad to be alone.

Out the door by 10 a.m.,
and off to her favorite store
that offered fibers in every color,
rainbow shades and so much more.

Looking at the choice of colors,
she was asked what she would make.
"A very special blanket,
the color of the sky at daybreak".
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