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No9 : Iraq 2021~2025.IRC Camp
The woman's name is Saori.

And the name of the blonde giant is Milan.

The two doctors belong to the International Red Cross.

In addition to this, a large number of staff from various countries came to work at this refugee camp.

They cared about me for some reason, and put it aside.

Water distribution, digging wells, and care for sick people, the elderly, and infants.

When I finished working, he taught me how to study.

I learned English and Gosinjyutu from Saori, and French, mathematics and science from Milan.

In addition, there are everyday things such as language and etiquette.

I don't know why you are so kind, but it was very pleasant.

Then one day Saori told me.

"Be more girlish."

"I'm not a woman"

I thought so.

After Haifa died, I grew up in a bad environment and didn't know what I was.

I lived hard.

So I was surprised when Saori said I was a woman.

I argued because I didn't think I was a weak woman.

"There are no bars between your feet."

"When it gets bigger, a big stick comes out, right?"

I didn't know a boy of my age.

Saori laughed and said.

"From the beginning, the boy has a stick."

"But there is no bulging chest like Saori!"

It was said that the chest naturally swells when nourished.

"Do you look like Saori?"

"Hmm. Natow may be bigger than me."

She said it and laughed again.
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