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Another encounter with a cat.


Skyla stood on my bed, facing me as I sat in my desk chair perpendicular to her. I looked in the expanded irises of her light blue eyes. She began to step forward, putting one paw on my thigh, which surprised me. She never steps on to my lap without being lured there by a small handful of treats, and lately, even that was losing its effectiveness. There have been many times where I've been so desperate to have her on my lap that I've grabbed her and forced her onto it, though I know she hates that. And now I saw her stepping onto my thighs and I wondered, was she actually stepping onto my lap of her own accord? As she set her next paw on my thigh, I asked myself if she finally trusted me enough to walk onto my lap uninvited?

Then I chuckled. I realized she was using my thighs like rocks in a stream--to get to the desktop on the other side.

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