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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2229335
Flash Fiction (300-words) about a master assassin and his protégée.
Street noise masks the click-clack sounds from Andrea's five-inch stiletto heels as she stalks Liam from behind. As he sits alone at a curbside table, she places both hands upon Liam's broad shoulders. The sudden appearance of her three-inch-long, blood-red fingernails doesn't faze the master assassin.

"Hello, baby..." she whispers before planting two crimson lipstick marks atop the zig-zag scar that adorns his left cheek. "You know... Letting me approach you from behind is dangerous, baby."

"No... Not really. I knew you were coming. The stench of your pungent perfume and clove cigarette reached my table long before you arrived."

Liam's callous words upset Andrea beyond measure, so she storms around the table and confronts her mentor head-on. "What's wrong with you?" she raves.

Liam deflects her question by asking one of his own: "Why are you here, Andrea?"

"Why, you sorry S.O.B... I'm here to discuss my first assignment," she rants while heaving her oversize purse unto the table.

"I know you're excited, but you must follow orders," Liam scolds. "We can't be seen together."

"But what about last night, lover?"

"Nobody saw us last night!" he seethes.

"Let's hope so, baby... Now, tell me what's wrong."

"Andrea, I have three problems... Number one, I'm missing dinner. Number two, you're here with your first victim's severed head stuffed in your purse, and you want to talk..."

"So... What's your third problem, baby?"

"Now, I must kill the three Interpol agents that followed you here."

Seconds later, three quick shots ring out, followed by a fourth. When the sidewalk clears, three Interpol agents and Liam lay dead.

As Andrea returns the pistol to her purse, she looks at Liam's lifeless body and smiles. "I wasn't followed, you moron. I lured the agents here, then I followed my orders, baby!"
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