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The Marie

My friend Jerome had an opening on a Friday. I thought I wrote it on my calendar. Friday, the 13th, at 8 PM. Jerome’s opening. I seem to remember doing that some weeks ago when the invitation came. But now I can’t find that paper. Or was it in an email? I can’t find an email either. What a pickle.

Jerome is my dearest friend. He is an artist of fine jewelry. His work in palladium, platinum, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and gold are flights of imagination. Customers from all over the world come to his shows.

I know for a fact this show would feature handmade rings and necklaces from ethically sourced diamonds from Canada plus sapphires and palladium from Montana. Jerome’s worked on this for months. He created a ring just for me. The ‘Marie’ will be on display in his shop beginning tonight. Or was it tomorrow? Maybe yesterday? What a deal to miss a friend’s opening night.

So that is why I am sitting on a bench in a gallery in Paris, Texas. But I’ve seem to have missed the big show. Jerome is nowhere to be seen. No jewelry on display. No customers to view the jewelry. There are just a few folks wandering about, glancing at art by some no-name artists. Seems to be a quiet night.

I thought about leaving right at the time I saw Jerome walking toward me.

“Marie. I thought I’d see you at the showing yesterday.” He sat down beside me on the bench.

“Yeah, about that. I guess I mixed up the dates. I really meant to be there.”

“It was a great night. Lots of lookers.” Jerome looked out at the artwork on the walls.

“No buyers? I was sure you’d score some orders. Your work is exceptional.”

Jerome sadly nodded. “Yeah, well, maybe next time. I just keep plugging along.” He took a package out of his pocket. “For you.”

My surprise was genuine. “What? What’s this?”

“Marie, you’ve been a big supporter of mine. You’re my muse. And every artist needs a muse.” He kissed my cheek.

Of course you know he gave me the ‘Marie’ ring. He also gave me a new life, a life with him as my partner. He makes jewelry and I draw pictures. A match made in heaven.
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