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I tried to find out what Islam says about Islam
In the name of Allaah,The Entirely Merciful,The Especially Merciful.

Today I'm honoured to start my article with the very first revealed verse of the Al-Quraan -"Read,in the name of your Lord,Who created".How Merciful my Lord is!He guides us to read and learn.From Islamic studies to rocket science,from literature to Chemistry: innumerable subjects are being learnt by mankind.But in my country there is a popular theory of prohibition of education in Islam. I often hear comments like -"leave it,no need of higher studies, specifically for females".

I know my Almighty created me with brain and gave me ability to acquire knowledge.So I was wondering about the conception of discouraging education.Then did some workups on it.

Firstly I acknowledge that I am neither a Muslim scholar nor a researcher on Islam.I am a Muslim female looking for the right answer.I didn't find any single verse of the Al-Quraan and any statement of Prophet(may Allah be pleased upon him,peace be upon him ) against education.Rather I got amazed with the initial command to read from the Al-Quraan.From the golden era of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah be pleased upon him, peace be upon him),Muslim scholars contributed to Religious studies, literature, mathematics, chemistry,physics, medical sciences, geography and so on.

So why we are making fabricated notion about Islam regarding education?One point I must add that as a Muslim,I have to prioritize my religion above all.So Muslim community should reconstruct the education process preserving the rules of Islam.I understand that it is definitely a complex process to reconstruct the education system.But I believe that if Almighty Allaah wills,it is very much possible.Government, guardians,teachers,other education professionals, students -all have to be determined to figure out the proper education system without disobeying Islam.

In conclusion,I want to say to my native people-"Please, don't blame Islam as an hindrance to higher studies anymore.We, ourselves are the main culprit here .In the name of Allah, let's be into Islam obediently and knock at the doors of knowledge happily."

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