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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2229395
Writer's Cramp entry
There're times when I hurt so much,
I feel like I must cry.
Those times you are far away,
I think that I might die.
When I find you're not beside me,
Inside my room, I'll hide,
And I'll find the words to write
A serenade for my bride.

I know I'm not the man, dear,
That I used to be.
The years have been unkind, dear,
Yet you choose not to flee.
Your love is what sustains me,
But all I can provide
Are the words of love that live in,
A serenade for my bride.

If the world should stop revolving,
And spin-off into space,
If fear should overcome us,
I'd only see your face.
When everything's going south, dear
My love for you abides,
And I'll sing for you my heart, dear,
A serenade for my bride.

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