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Just trying different things.
I was cooking up some rice water for a hair tonic and was wondering what to do with the rice. I made dinner from it. After years and years of making rice wrong, I learned how to make rice right from another culture. I cleaned it soaked it for like 45 minutes and put it in boiling water covering it with a top. You don't mess with it a lot it seems let it do its thing. Most of the steps were done to be honest from making the tonic. I decided also to us lots of spices one again. Folks that say use spices in place of the salt are right, food can be good and flavorful without lots of salt. That's if you use the spices right. Which I am still working on. I made a different bean and rice meal tody. Using orange juice, chilly powder, and peanut butter. I learned that from another culture also. Peanut butter can be a good and flavorful choice if used correctly. One day in class when I was younger we had like a culture day . There was a party with different foods from other cultures served and someone brought in a rice dish which I never forgot till this day. The rice dish had Peanut butter in it and I didn't really like Peanut butter that much and really still don't but I enjoyed that a lot. Anyway back to my dish, I put a little cinnamon in it also which can work in savory dishes. Not all savory dishes but some like chicken it works well with chicken. I used green beans in this rice dish. If I were to say anything it would hang back on the juice a little goes a long way. It's ok if you use a little more it still tastes good but it would be even better if you used less. Learning to cook better has been one of my enjoyments during COVID. Sometimes you have to find the bright side of things you know even in a pandemic. The rice turned out great, by the way, the whole thing took about 30 minutes, not including the cleaning and soaking of the rice of course. Enjoy learning, cooking, and eating, hey you now have the time.
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