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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2229430
No8 : Iraq Jun2021.IRC Camp②
"No, I can't go to heaven because I killed so many people."

The next moment, I woke up to a dazzling light.

I had my limbs tied up, and I had to wear a strange device to force my mouth to open.

There was a sharp pin in her hand.


After shooting the drug, is it torture?

What do you want to know?

Is it our hideout?

Or is it the number of soldiers I killed?

The woman brings the pin closer.

However, I never give in to torture .

The woman is poking my tooth with the hard pin.

I wonder if I have a bomb in my mouth, and my unpleasant memory revives.

Yes, that was a year ago.

About when the Iraqi army was overwhelmed by the suppression of terrorism and the multinational forces began to intervene.

I wrapped a bomb around the body of a drunken man.

He taught me that the key to removing the bomb was in an Iraqi armored car parked at the corner of the street.

The drunken man had tears and runny nose running through his armored car, spilling urine.

A few soldiers on alert ordered them to stop with a gun, but the drunken screamed "give me the key."

Even if they are threatened by their legs, they approach without fearing an armored car.

On the contrary, it was the Iraqi soldiers who were afraid to withdraw.

I was watching the scene with Yaza and others.

While laughing that it was interesting, Yaza and others were holding the detonator I made.

Instead of the machine gun one of the soldiers had, he shot his drunk foot with a pistol, and the drunk person fell.

Crying drunk while lying on the ground.

A soldier who was looking away for a while approached drunk, and at that moment Yaza switched on the detonator.

Explosive sounds and violent dust sounds that cause tinnitus.

A scream was heard and the dust looked thin. I saw the lying Iraqi soldiers and the limbs of the ruptured man.

"Yes, I'm done"

The woman who tried to torture with a pin in my mouth laughed.

"You should brush your teeth. You had lots of tartar in your mouth."



A small brush was handed to the free hand after the rope that had been restrained was unraveled.

"Use this to brush your teeth with Chan"
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