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Var is a little kid who is visited by the giants of another world.
Var had always hated bustling, crowded, no trees Rewa with its hard, horrible houses. It was a place where he felt away, like he did not belonged there.

He had moist arms and skinny frame, maybe due to the stress. His friends saw him as a petite, prickly, and often a day dreamer. However, he liked to help people. Once he helped an old man to bury a cow that got hit by a truck. He left some important classes for that. That's the sort of boy he was.

Var sat on his bed, and reflected on his surroundings. He was planning to write journal, when he heard little scratches from the wall front of him. "hey mouse, go away", he said calmly to the wall, like he knew that the mouse would understand. The scratches stopped and Var wrote his heart out.

Next day, when he came back from the school, he sat at the same place as yesterday, and while he was removing his socks, he saw some paint scrapped out of the wall, exactly from where the sound of scratches came.

"Mouse, you are playing a dirty game. Get away!!", this time he yelled. He yelled like the wall and the mouse would understand. No, it was not the mouse. It was something Var was unable to understand. Until today.

It was midnight, the rain hammered the concrete everywhere, winds were making the few left trees in that region, dance, and Var was sleeping peacefully inside his blanket, covered from head to toe. It was the only time, when he enjoyed. Dreaming about different places, took away his monotonous life.


That sound sent shivers into his spine, and he got up, eyes wide, mouth open. He quickly ran to the board and switched on the light.

Var gulped. He was not prepared to see this. There was a big hole in the wall, and he could hear the sound of birds through it. Step by step, with bent legs and arms wide, he went near the hole. As he passed his almirah, there was something, he wasnt ready for. All hairs on his body stood on their ends.

Unexpectedly, he saw a giant. It looked like a potato filled with rocks and smell like dustbins smothered with sauce made from stinky shoes. Var froze there.

"W-wh-wh-who a-are y-y-youu?", words came out his mouth with difficulty.

The giant turned towards him. It was bald, with little dirty hairs around his neck and saliva was reeking out its mouth.

"Ah! So the stories were right! There is an another world!!", the giant smiled while touching scratching his cheeks. "Tell me, is this Dharti?" it looked at Var with blazing eyes and psychotic smile.

"Y-yes, Dharti", Var was still stuck frozen. He was hearing the sound of rain, the sound of birds from the hole, and the huge giant, all at once, and he didn't know what to do.

Giant looked outside, "Are there more like you?"


"Take me to them"


The giant turned to Var. "You ask why..." it leaned towards him and with his stinky mouth whispered, "I haven't eaten in a while".

That was sufficient for Var, or it might have been the smell of the giant's mouth, that Var fell down.

"PUTRIDPINKY" "PUTRIDPINKY", was the sound on which he woke up from slumber, and felt that something rushed aside from him. He sat on his bottom. He looked at the hole from where the sound was coming, and then he felt that half of his legs were moist and mucus was all around his legs. The giant was trying to eat him.

He sat there for a while, until another hand came out of the hole. He got up and ran to the another corner of the room. Although he as gripped with fear, he wanted to see, what in the world was happening there. Soon, a head popped out, another hairy arm, and then the full body. It was an another giant. It looked at the mucus and sat down to examine it, and soon the eyes fell on Var, struggling to stand on that corner. "OH SHIT", "Come here little one. I promise I will not hurt you". This giant's voice was different. It was not calm and had depth in it. But Var did not move. "I am Cocoa, from Rewa. I know this is horrifying for you, did the another giant hurt you?", Cocoa said while stretching her arm to Var. He came near, "I am Var, see he tried to eat me", Var showed his still moist legs to her and was crumbling in fear. Then he pointed to the window, "He jumped out from there". Var knew that this giant is good, and it was her call that made the previous one to flee. "Do you want to eat us too?"

"No, no one wants to eat you...well except Putridpinky. He is a criminal in our world. I am one of the guardian to your world; he managed to trick all of us, and now he reached here".

"What he is after?"

"Flesh and blood"


"Yes, it is this crime that he was under mental facility".

"He is so giant, he could eat a lot of us at once."

"Yes, he is giant, but no, he is incapable to eat a lot". We have set a block into his throat while he was with us. It took much time for you"

"Yes, he was eating me whole" said Var still with his eyes wide, trying to understand whatever was happening.

Cocoa placed a machine in his room. It was to locate Putridpinky any where in the world, and she also set some little bees out. They were real or robots, Var was unable to understand. He was just looking out, from where Putridpinky escaped and hoped that he do not eat any child.

Cocoa took him to her world. They entered through the wall. It was a green landscape. The skies were blue, and the birds were of all the colours. Little giants were running at a distance. The grass was moist, houses made up of mud, the river was blue and the fishes were of all the colours too, very visible from the surface. Var could taste the pollution-less environment. He smelled the open environment with both of his nostrils, because even if it was a very vivid dream, it should be with him after he wakes up.

They entered a house. It was an old fashioned, decorated with weapons, and a warm house. The paint was ocean blue that made the house more spacious, even if it was more than sufficient for a small kid in the giant world. He looked around with nervousness. Cocoa was still outside reporting to her officers.

Unexpectedly, he saw a giant kid dressed in a green skirt disappearing into the trees.

"How odd!" thought Var.

For the want to anything better to do, he decided to follow the peculiarly dressed kid. Perhaps he could make a new friend.

Eventually, Var reached outside, where everywhere he saw, it was green trees and perfect environment.

"Var" "Var", it was the same sound that he heard during the Putridpinky episode. he looked at the direction, it was Cocoa, obviously.

"Don't go anywhere. Your body is very fragile in this world, you know right?"

"Yes, I am a smaller than a rabbit here. I know", said Var, while looking around. He looked happy. It was the environment he wanted for himself.Unlike Nouda, he could wander as far as he want, and breath and drink nature's bounty, plus everything was triple the size for him.

He was given some mango slices, which were of the size of his arms. He ate those slices for hours, and slept at the bank of the cleanest river, he could ever see.

As he wake up, he saw that green skirt giant kid staring at his face. "Woah woah woah!!". The kid giggled. "You are Var?"

Var remain seated. He knew that even if he stood up, he would be little, and beside he was elder than the giant kid in age.

"Yes, I am and you are?"

"You came from the Dharti?" the kid seemed excited.

"Yes, the little place. What do you know?"

"Oh no no no..it is not the little place. My ancestors used to live there"

"WHAT??..Your ancestors? Giants lived on the Dharti?"

Var realized that all of the stories of giants that once lived on the Dharti was actually right.

"What are you saying?" Var asked curiosly.

"Oh, if you don't know that, I am not allowed to tell..sorry". Kid looked the other side, so he won't have to answer anything more.

"Okay, its okay! Don't worry! Tell me, how old are you?"

Var wanted to take the kid's thoughts away from the previous topic, so he might come at it afterwards. Smart Var.

"I am 57 years old, studying in Gurukul", told the kid!

Var shouted aloud in his head- "CANNOT BE RIGHT. THIS IS DEFINITELY A DREAM".

Var was sitting in the room again. There were old spears hanging on the wall. "bigger than a bus!"

"What?" asked Cocoa

"The spear. It is much bigger than a bus we have in our world".

Cocoa laughed, "Yes!"

"Var, we are going back to your world!"

"Yes, Putridpinky. Has he killed anyone?"

"No, I left bogbees at him, he might be living under a river".

Ohh yes, those were bogbees?!" "Cool name..how will you arrest him?"

"Will you help us?"

"O-of-cours-course, I-I will", blurbed Var. He was unsure how would he do that.

"Great. We will living for Dharti tonight and don't worry nobody is going to get hurt" said Cocoa with a smile on her face.

Var met the kid perhaps for the last time, and roamed around in the greeneries. He knew that even if it was a dream, he is not going to get another dream like this. At the bank of the river, he inhaled some long breaths and remembered the feeling in his mind.

He was all set to go back, to fight the giant Putridpinky.

In Var's room, Cocoa spread some rose dust, set up magnetic bars outside his window, and instructed Var on how to lure Putridpinky into the bar.

"I am dis-engaging bogbees, and spreading this rose dust in your room"

"So that he may come out of the river?" asked Var.

"Yes, and because he is coming out of the river after 3 days, he will be pretty hungry!"

"Please don't make me afraid...atleast he will not smell horrid after spending days inside water".

"Or worse!?" Cocoa made a nasty face.

Var was feeling sick in his stomach. He was lucky that he survived last time.

"Okay, so this rose-dust will lure him straight to your room, and because he know your room, he will quickly get here".

"Are you sure you are not trying to kill me?" Var looked at the orange powder, that she puffed into the room.

"If anything happens to you, I am here, don't worry"

"Where will be you?"

"I will be inside the wall, but I will be watching you. I said naa don't worry!"

Var looked around at his room, might be for the last time. The world seemed not that difficult for him afterall. He was ready to start a new another day, if he survive this.

"FOOD FOOD FOOD!" the shouts of Putridpinky filled his ears with fear. He was almost frozen again. Then the giant himself showed up!

"Hello again little one!" I left you before, not this time. Your world's bees are adamant. I am hungry and I am going to eat you this time", Putridpinky was breathing heavily. He was hungry for real. He lunged at Var. Var jumped away,"please please, I am just a kid. You will not have your hunger satisfied by eating me. Let me help you,"

"You will help me?" Putridpinky was laughing psychotically.

"You will help me how? Let me help myself"

Var was quick, "There are more children, just outside that window...eat them first, and I will bring you more!!"

Putridpinky hesitated for a moment, and thought to himself, "Where are they?"

Var pointed at the window. "Believe me, I can help you in living in this world."

Putridpinky scratched his feet and stepped toward the window. "There are no children here!!", he said fiercly.

"N-o no, th-ee-y a-a-re outsi-outside!" Var was looking at the wall. His plan was failing.

"You midget, you lie to me!", Putridpinky held Var's arms tightly and picked him up in the air.

"Be-l-believe m-me", tears came rolling down his cheeks. "There are many kids downstairs. You can have as many as you can".

Putridpinky was hungry, he looked down again. Then he looked at Var, then down again.

He wanted to make sure that there were no kids really. He put Var down, and made one deep scan outside. While he was looking down, Var found his moment.

He lunged at Putridpinky who was half out the balcony and with all his effort, pushed him out. That wasn't sufficient. Although the push was enough to tear his feet off the ground, Putripinky did not fell.

He came back again, looked at Var whose face was still red with fear. Eyes swelled with tears and nostrils widened to make more air to his system.

Putridpinky realized it was a trap. "Hmmm...it was a mistake kid. Come here, come on..come here!" he was speaking calmly, like he found his food finally.

As he was going to pick Var, who submitted before him, came Cocoa sprinting at Putridpinky and tackled him, with her full giant force. That was sufficient. Putridpinky had both his legs off the ground and breaking the cement boundary, he fell out.

Var held Cocoa's legs, so he might not fell down too.

Putridpinky fell right into the spot, and the 4 magnetic bars rushed from the 4 sides and captured Purtidpinky. He tried to entangle it, but the force was too high. There was not much space to punch and kick, he just stood there, inside the bars that pakced his whole body at one place. It was so tight that he could not even look above.

Above, Var and Cocoa were looking at his struggles. Soon she launched more robots to inject him with drugs, and make him unconscious.

They succeeded.

Var was smiling now. he looked at Cocoa and she was smiling too.

"Thank you Var. You helped me to capture the dreaded criminal of our place".

"Hey Cocoa, your place! You used to live her?"

"You made friends in the walls?"

"Yes, the kid with green skirt told me that your ancestors lived here".

"Why my ancestors, I used to live in this world"

"How is this possible?"

"It's been 20 million years, since we left Dharti!"


"How old are you?"

"Hmmm...15000 years!

Var wanted to wake up now. What he was listening was beyond his understanding. Hows and whys were revolving inside his brain at a much greater speed than ever. He wanted to shut up and sit.

"What are you going to do with Putridpinky?"

"He will be shifted to another prison"

"...and what about this hole in my wall?"

"Ah..yes..it will be closed"

"So, we will not meet after today?"

"You want to meet us?"

"I loved your world. Environment is beautiful there. I wanted to live at such place"

"Well, this is for your own safety..I wish I could do something, but I can't..sorry!"

Var smiled like he enjoyed, and like everything in this world, this too came to an end. He accepted whatever happened and whatever will happen to him after today!

Cocoa left, the hole was filled. It was some sort of magic, because Var once tried to break some holes into the exact place, but found nothing but cement and rods.

He went on with his world. He grew up and left the room.

It was years after that time, that while he was having dinner in his new room, after about 10 years, he heard some scratches from his wall.

Mouse or not, he did not sleep that night. Not in fear, but in excitement for a new world.

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