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A reflective monologue
The early morning rain peters out by the time I get downstairs around 05.30am. The air is cool and light after last night’s dramatic thunderstorm dissipated the oppressive heat.

Sitting, coffee in hand, the cool morning air a gentle waft through the open window brings calm. Feeling centred, almost. Relaxed, definitely. Soaking in the hazy view of the distant hills, the clouds at varying heights. Patches of cerulean blue provide a contrasting backdrop to the lazy ‘plane trails. Flights returning after the travel restrictions.

The persistent low noise of distant traffic comes and goes on the breeze. Blackbirds flying solo skim across my line of sight. Pigeons coo their soft intermittent sounds adding to the soothing atmosphere.

I love these moments!

Moments when the world seems distant. Sat in this ‘bubble’ of calm air and dappled light. The day seems full of promise. Not wanting this to end, yet knowing that ‘work’ awaits. Enough! back to this peace, now tinged with a sense of The Presence.

It’s subtle, like an extension of this natural calm. Yet a lightness begins to increase on the inside, rising to an involuntary smile at the corners of my mouth. It seems to well up from somewhere in my soul, then I begin to listen.

Listening, not to the external sounds, this is different; shifting to the internal. Waiting, for what? For something. A still, quiet something which feels like the breath of a whisper. Not my thoughts, my mind is now still, but from this Presence which seems to ebb and flow like the wind through the trees.

There! A ‘catch’. A sense of…words? ‘You are loved.’ Was that it? Then it’s gone. Listening again, deeper this time, drawn in for more, to respond?

“Morning!” A distant call from two people greeting each other breaks the focus. Never mind. It’s the echo from the inside, still swirling in my consciousness that's important. “You are loved.” Really? Me! Repeating and echoing down into my soul "I am loved”…”I am loved”…”I am Loved.”

And I smile.
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