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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2229452
Dark fantasy/horror set in a desert
The Oasis
by Spencer James

The sun beat down like a firebomb of atomic heat on Ein Gedi’s back as he trekked across the desert. He wore only loose clothing to protect his skin from the ultraviolet attack, but was carrying a heavy load of supplies on his back. In the beginning of his trek, this included plentiful water, but he was now nearly out and was continuing to perspire.
The map showed Jeshimon only two more kilometres ahead, but there was nothing but sand in front of him as far as he could see. This was, of course, assuming that the town still existed. Jeshimon, like so many others in the region, had become infested with the acid fly- a vile, disease-spreading creature that caused an illness no physician knew how to cure.
Ein Gedi’s hometown, Eichel, had gone from a prosperous farming community where dates and apricots were grown to a near wasteland as over 90% of the population had died of acid fly disease. He had set out to find others and determine how far the infestation had spread. He originally planned on only walking a few kilometres to al-Markand, but found the town completely deserted when he got there. Every building was empty and there were dead bodies in the street, completely wasted away.
There had been acid flies in al-Markand, but Ein Gedi realized that he was immune when the plague struck Eichel. He hoped there were others like him who could help to find a cure.

Ein Gedi was now out of water, and he still could not see the skyline of Jeshimon on the horizon. He took a moment to sit down on the sand to catch his breath before continuing, but knew deep in his heart that he would likely die in that spot, his journey unsuccessful.
Just as he was about to close his eyes and allow the heat of the sun to take him away, he turned his head to the east and could not believe what he saw in the distance- there was what looked like water. At first convinced this was a mere mirage, he decided that he could not die without knowing for sure.
Picking him self up, he ran towards the spark of blue in the distance. He kept waiting for the blue to vanish as every mirage did, but instead the blue spot grew larger and he began to hear water running. He also started to make out date palms growing around the source of the water.
It was an oasis- an isolated source of freshwater in a barren wasteland. He knelt down to taste the water and confirmed that it was not saline nor brackish. In fact, it tasted pure and looked perfectly clear. He filled his canteen up immediately.
Ein Gedi pulled out his map to see if the oasis was on there, but nothing was marked. The route from al-Markand to Jeshimon had been traversed numerous times, surely someone had made note of the oasis in between them. And surely there were people settled around it.
In fact, he became more certain of human presence the more he looked around. All of the plants were neatly tended to. There were mature date palms full of fruit, and apricots abundant despite it not being their growing season in other places. But what caught his eye the most was the large fig tree full of juicy fruit. He tore into a fig immediately and his stomach filled with pleasure.
“Enjoying yourself?”
Ein Gedi turned suddenly to respond to the voice he had never heard before. Just as when he first saw the oasis, he could not believe his eyes. There was a young woman, barely old enough to be an adult, if she even was, standing naked before him. She was unbelievably beautiful from her raven hair, to her supple breasts, lightly tanned skin, and naturally hairy pubic region that invited him to come closer.
“All fruits grow here year round,” the woman explained to him. “The climate is much more temperate than in the rest of the desert.” She was approaching him now and his fear of impending death was immediately gone and replaced with him feeling extremely horny and captivated by her beauty.
“What is this place?” Ein Gedi asked.
“This is the oasis of Ghul,” she explained, “it is one of the last areas of this desert that has not been explored by man. And it has not been invaded by the acid fly.”
“But how did you get here?”
“I have always lived here. My name is Benat.”
Ein Gedi tried to make sense of what Benat was saying. “But you must have come from somewhere. If you are here then humans are here.” He did not understand.
“I come from the oasis,” Benat said, “I am part of it.” She now had her hands on him, her breasts and pubic hair mere centimeters away. “Come, take your clothes off, we can enjoy the water together. There is enough shade here that you will not get burnt.” She tugged at his arm to come into the oasis with her.
Ein Gedi looked around at realized what she was saying was true. The shade of the palms was sufficient to keep the sun from beating down and burning their skin. In fact, Ghul seemed much more temperate compared to the surrounding desert. He no longer felt hot and dehydrated.
He noticed something odd, however. The fruit trees now completely surrounded the water. Earlier he had been able to see the water from far away, but that seemed impossible now. How had he not seen the palms first? He also now was unsure how to leave where he was as his sense of direction was now disoriented. The plants around him seemed very thick as if he was in the middle of the woods. It almost seemed to not be a desert at all. Also, the water was still, yet he could hear it running when he was approaching.
Benat stood halfway in the water and turned to him. “Come in and bathe with me, Ein Gedi.” He suddenly realized that he had never told Benat his name. Ghul seemed to make less and less sense the more he thought about it. He also was unsure how she knew about the acid fly epidemic if no other humans had been to Ghul.
However, his penis was firmly erect inside his clothing from looking at Benat in the water. His hormones took over and he decided to disregard these discrepancies in the facts and give in to the temptation in front of him. He disrobed, his large erection on display and he ran into the water after Benat.
The cool oasis water felt good on his skin and he could feel fish swim around his legs. Benat came close to him and touched his penis. “You’re very large,” she remarked, “would you like to put it in me?” With this comment, Ein Gedi firmly disregarded all the questions he had about his location and was now entirely in Benat’s control.
She gently pushed him down, with half his body in the water and half on the shore. She got on top and soon his erection disappeared behind her pubic hair. She was perfectly tight and he immediately threw his head back in ecstasy.
Benat grabbed on of his hands and placed it on one of her breasts. He then took his other hand and played with them both as she went up and down. He was panting and moaning with passion. Benat had a sly smile on her face but otherwise showed very little emotion. She made it clear she was also enjoying the experience, just not as dramatically.
It did not take long for them both to orgasm and now Benat’s face showed more emotion. She was satisfied and leaned down to kiss him, then climbed off. “Your sexual prowess is better than I expected,” she said as she laid her head on his chest, “many men who are as big as you think that size is enough, but you also make the right movements to create pleasure.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he replied, still catching his breath.
“Your seed will be a fine contribution to the oasis.” With this newly puzzling statement, she arose and straightened her hair. Ein Gedi simply lay still and admired her perfect beauty. “Now, I will keep you here.”
Just then, Ein Gedi felt a rumbling beneat him. The entire earth was not shaking as if an earthquake was happening, rather, the sand was vibrating. Concerned, he began to sit up when a large, green, thorny vine burst out of the sand by his right hand, squirming like a snake. Another came up by his left hand, also seeming to move on its own as if it were the tentacle of an animal rather than a plant. Both vines quickly ensnared his wrists and held him down.
He let of a scream of pain as the thorns cut into his wrists, they were too strong for him to break free. “Benat, what is happening?” he screamed, but she only smiled.
“You are becoming a part of the oasis, Ein Gedi. Just as humans harvest fruit from the oasis, the oasis harvests humans to sustain itself. I need your energy to live. I have your essence inside of me, now you will be inside of the oasis.
More vines emerged from the sand and ensnared his legs, torso, and neck. He screamed with each one cutting into his skin. He could feel them pulling them into the sand as his body began to disappear. Benat crouched over top of him once more and her long hair encircled his face. He looked into her eyes for mercy but saw only a blank stare. She briefly smiled and said, “thank you for giving me your seed and for pleasuring me so well. Now I will keep you forever.”
These were the last words he heard as he was sucked down into the desert sand.
Ein Gedi’s body was later found, naked and emaciated with cuts around his ankles, wrists, chest, and neck. He looked as if the life had been sucked out of him. The explorers who found him, two physicians from Jeshimon, determined that he must have been a victim of the acid fly. The oasis of Ghul and the woman named Benat were not something anyone else ever spoke of.
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