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Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2229457
Future assurance
Calling all those that groan, over this world's calamities
Who are tired of the tragic news, we see on our TVs
Those who tire of viruses, of terrorists and crime
And hate to hear of yet another, slaughter in our time

Have you of late found yourself, astonished and bemused
Whem you read of women, who are crushed and so abused
Of shooting sprees and stabbing fests, that innocence do kill
And the poor and sick who drain and die, cause they cannot pay the bill

Does your heart go out to poverty, yearning for it to end
While many gorge themselves with wealth, that they can never spend?
Do you still believe the promises, of political Messiahs
Who claim to build us Heaven, and fulfill all our desires?

Do you feel that life is just, a struggle to endure
And joys are rare and so short-lived, and meaning is obscure?
And finally, when life is done, and we draw our final breath
Don't you wish that we could find, a way to conquer death?

And if so, you are not alone, in questioning this deal
For honest people everywhere, this is how they feel
But don't despair, and don't give up, for the world is about to change
There is a promise that is true and sure, though at first it may sound strange

It does not come from imperfect men, so prone to selfish ways
But comes from one who cannot lie, who wants to bless our days
It comes along with a guarrantee, as certain as the dew
Of promises once made before, all of which came true

He told us that our world would reach, it's current desperate days
That nations would reel in confused despair, like lost children in a maze
That diseases and disasters, would violently give birth
And that mankind would be poisoniing, and ruining the earth

But when these things were to ocurr, and be observed and viewed
They were indications, of imminent good news
An event of wonder, and of joy, to change the world we see
To bring in peace and health and love, and true security

“Thy kingdom come” he promises, with marvels that it brings
To replace all lords and governments, with a righteous, loving King
Who will heal and wipe all tears, and broken hearts will mend
And those of us who are friends of peace, he will call his friends

Restoring youth to the old and frail, and vision to the blind
And removing sickness from our lives, and sorrow from mankind
He'll quell all storms and fires, and calm the mighty quakes
And burn man's deadly weaponry, and missiles he will break

Most amazing of his promises, a grand and glorious act
Will be to empty mankind's graves, and bring our loved ones back
Imagine greeting mothers lost, and husbands once more embrace
And chidren prematurely gone, to behold their little face

For he has sworn that death will end, and life will never cease
And the world will be awash and glow, with everlasting peace
Our pains and fears will all disolve, and will never come again
And those so selfish and so cruel, will no longer remain

So ease your mind and console your heart, for this promise will come true
These wonders we can all behold, this he swears to you
Our future is not in man's hands, nor by fate will it be won
For God's will will be done on earth when his glorious kingdom comes

“God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will sorrow, nor outcry, or pain” - Revelation 21.4 (The Bible)
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