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Sharing a love of cooking and the crockpot.
I love to cook if you haven't noted that already. I also love one of the neatest little inventions called the crockpot. During this COVID thing, I have used it much. I so like the crockpot because you can put in all manner of deliciousness in it and walk away. You come back 2-6 hours later depending on what you are cooking and it's done. It also depends on the setting on the pot if it's on high or low. The crockpot is just like a big slower cooker, that you can put everything in one pot then put in some liquid if needed and walk away.

I'm making peach cobbler in the crockpot today. I am using everything that I would use in a regular cobbler mostly and just layering it all in a crockpot. The peaches, orange juice, butter, and the bread mixture. The Oj was used in place of sugar. It's up to you what kind of bread you use, biscuit dough, pancake mix, bread mix the sky is the limit. Just make sure you mix and sweeten it accordingly. You can sweeten it with sugar or honey or a little of both. Today I made a scratch dough and put baking soda, an egg, sugar, salt, and five-spice seasoning in it with a little oil. I mixed it all up and put some honey on top of it all to use less sugar. I did a layer of peaches with butter and a layer of the bread mixture, a layer of peaches then some OJ, and the rest of the bread mixture and the honey last. It will cook on low for an hour or two. I have never done it this way before so we will see I used a pre-mixed bread mixture before which is way easier. Either way, it should be ok this will just take longer. The dough needs to look crumbly or like bread dough. If you use a scratch bread mixture it will take much longer to cook the cobbler maybe 3-4 hours depending on the pot and what you set it on meaning high or low. Just use pre-mixed bread or dough it is much easier and faster. The recipe turned out pretty good for only my second time making cobbler in a crockpot but I haven't mastered it yet or the use of the crockpot. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lows and ten the highest it was about a 5 1/2 -6 as far as taste goes. The look was about a 4 1/2 or a five. I am still learning I never really was a crockpot user on the regular until here lately. Happy cooking all, try this or some version of this today!
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