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Hidden Meaning


The billboard was in the middle of town. I saw it every day, rarely read what it said. But today it grabbed my eye. Because I couldn’t read what it said.

“Did you see that? What does it mean?” George asked me first thing.

“Do you mean that board on the highway? No clue.” I really had no clue.

So it went round and round. Even the paper jumped on the guessing game. They had a contest.

“What Do You Think It Means? Guess the Billboard’s Meaning and Win Big!”

The Daily Times offered $1,000 to the winner. But who knew the meaning? So far no company, no person had claimed responsibility for this. It went on for weeks. The sign started to fray, letters started to come off. After a month it read:


Finally the sign company came clean. Seems it was all a hoax. It was supposed to read:

LO mein
PEKing Duck
Lucky sEAweed Salad
Juicy sushi
Deep fried calamari

It was the leftovers from a Chinese restaurant sign. One of the sign installers glued it on the billboard as a dare. Quite a fun thing actually. So the sign company was the winner. I can’t wait for the next one. I make it a point to notice that billboard every day on my commute.

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