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by Alyy
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Folklore · #2229525
Who knew dreaming of eyes could change you're whole life.

Ella wakes with a start, the last thing she remembers seeing are two green eyes staring at her, they were a colour green she has never seen on a person before, emerald with specks of gold in them but also darker green almost like the colour of a forest, her heart is thumping hard and she is scared but she can’t remember anything except those eyes, and the eyes were hauntingly beautiful, she turns over and grabs her sketchbook out of her bedside table and turns her bedside light on so she can draw those beautiful eyes, she knows she won’t be able to calm down and sleep again until she draws them out they are just so beautiful; she takes a quick look at her phone and realizes it was only 2am, she had only been sleeping maybe two hours before waking from the nightmare tomorrow morning is going to be hellish she thinks to herself, she starts to work on her drawing, trying to remember every little detail of those eyes, she draws until she can feel her eyes drifting shut and even then she tries to force herself awake to finish the drawing, scared she will forget the details if she doesn’t get them down on paper, after a few more minutes she reluctantly lets sleep take her. The next time she wakes is to the sound of the front door closing shut meaning her Aunt Lucy is leaving for work, Ella slowly pulls her covers back and stands up grabbing her sketchbook and moves to the window bench in her room.

         Just a few minutes then I’ll get ready for school, I can’t be late again she thinks to herself as she sets her pillows up against the wall and sits sideways so she can look out the window to see Starry Lake, this is her favourite spot in the whole house, her house is at the end of the street and her room overlooks the park and lake across the way and she can see the old train tracks that no longer run with the graffitied train car still on it like it is stuck in time, her and her friends often hang out in that train car and a lot of the art that is on it is from her and Ivy, she smiles thinking of her friends, even if they mostly don’t understand her she loves them dearly and would be lost without them.
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